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There's also there's a about the same amount of money in pension payments that are due. And then we've just sort of discovered she's discovering sort of opening the books in the last couple of days that it's about two hundred million dollars more than that. Yes. So she's going to have to make some really tough decisions and mayor Emanuel had to make some really tough decisions. And you can second guess a lot of them. You know, the question of, you know, he closed fifty schools, and I don't think he closed them because he hates poor people or because he doesn't want to be educated. I think budgetary he's talked a lot. What about how he wanted to improve education? Yeah, I think it's you can say that, that was a bad decision. You can argue about it certainly that did this, even when you cut these schools that were under enrolled, that, that you that you hollowed out these neighborhoods and made education worse. Yeah. You could also argue that you're spending a lot of money, keeping fifty buildings open for not that many kids closing the mental health care centers. A lot of people. Over that advocates for the mentally ill have been saying, well, you know, that maybe wasn't such a bad idea that we don't want to separate out mental healthcare services from general healthcare services. So closing these centers and integrating mental healthcare with other kind of healthcare is a better way to go. Oh, saying is there are a lot of a lot of things you can debate about some people were writing to me saying, logical road, so, well, why don't we name the river walk for quantum McDonald? Because that's arguing the biggest black Mark on, on Rahm emanuel's career. Was that he worries are quite arguably involved in covering up that video for more than a year and and covering up that crime and trying to have the family go away? For his own political reasons, and I can't come up with a great excuse for why that might have happened. He says that he didn't see the video is that a positive thing. It might be it might be that I don't know if your mayor aren't you don't t want us like let me, let me take a look at this. You would think that would be the presumption, it's possible that given that there's so many lawsuits against the city in there that, that it wasn't no one ever came and said, you've got to see this particular video. There are a lot of things on the mayor's plate. I'm not I'm not saying that I certainly believe that, but that's what he says and see the video bright. But in any case, there's a lot of controversy, and that people are saying, well, we shouldn't we shouldn't ever name things after politicians. And I just think I think if that's unrealistic. That's what we do. And you look at how greatly honored Richard J Daley is in this town. That's right. Richard day daily college. There's the the plaza. There's a boat-landing for Richard J Daley. There's very little named for Richard m Daley right right branch library on the west side. It's name for him. But there are no. Well, I think part of that is because there, there was a sense when he left that he left us in a lot of trouble. And one of the things that I fought Emanuel for is not really naming shaming daily that there was obviously some deal with the daily family, not to blame mayor Daley, because daily did he gave us these really long really costly union contracts in order to because he thought we were going to get the two thousand sixteen Olympics. So he gave he gave us these these berry burdensome way. Recontact s- sold the parking guy. Yes. Magistrate Susan Cox. Here's about to administer the oath of office to Lori Lightfoot now as we get closer to Lightfoot becoming, Mary Lightfoot, Laurie. Elaine Lightfoot g soundly swear, do solemnly swear. That I will support the constitution of the United States. I was support the constitution of the United States and the constitution.

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