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About two thousand four couple years yet, two, thousand, four, two, thousand, five, a few years after nine eleven I've Kinda assorted changed like at that time I had a young daughter I was. Married and I would always leave my job. At the beginning August and I wouldn't come home till October and it was just a after doing it for damn near fifteen years. It was really. Stressful on the family and missing my kid and stuff like that. While I started going into filming outdoor hunts for people like they, they would call me up. They would hire me to film. Their hunts and stuff like that so I travel specially one guy in particular. That was a big elk hunter in him and I hit it off. He loved the way called Elk, and so he flew me all over north. America and. what had happened is is. He He. Sort of lost you there for sack. He took me on a lot of. Where I would I would film at four, but also call so. how the world elk championships. Was I was on a hunt with him where he like, he was almost like custom guiding, but not really like like I was there to film the hunt, but yet he always had need bring. My L. Calls and stuff like that and. And, so it wasn't wasn't. There is the guide, but was there sort of as a backup caller because Wayne always had so much. Faith in me, so I was running the camera, and I always had the cavs see before ever met Wayne and early in the years, and so I always carried an old eight millimeter camcorders with me anyways I was on my. And so he knew that I know the position to be in when I was calling and stuff like that, because that was important like he I remember him telling me once that he hired. films or the photographers from ESPN and they weren't hunters. They were good sports video roff videographers. They weren't. They didn't know where to be so whereas ought to combine, both that's right, so so that's why we hit it off, so he? He flew me all over North America on just like hundreds of hunts, and and so this particular hunt was he booked hunt in Wyoming with Ron dooby wilderness adventures, and I don't know if no one Ron Dooby Ron do is like he's Kinda like a hero to me in the sense that I knew was long before ever met him. He's a big outfitter that used to be in Wyoming more for. bighorn sheep, but he also had yellowstone Elkin. He was one of the only outfitters that had a permit to ride through Yellowstone Park to get to his hunting concessions. So where he's drying those big yellowstone elk out of his out of his out of the park so I I run this hunt with with Wayne and and and and Ron. Dooby and I remember the very like there's to his Wayne in the and the Sun. There wasn't much of a story that hunt we're in a burn, and there's a big six six and we basically just head and tell them he Walked Walked by got him, but then then the weather turned really warm, and I wasn't the guide like I was just strictly there to film it and so, but I did have my calls with me, and but see. Ron Is such a big like he's done numerous videos and stuff like that so I was stepping on toes at all, so I I stayed at the back, and Rode my horse, and never really opened my mouth.

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