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Is it critics use the term americana to describe pettis music in other words he wrote songs that are at their core optimistic the kindness on that makes you feel like despite what's going on in your life you could hop in a car wool down the window play tom petty and feel like it was all going to be okay at les lease for a little while anne pierce andrew limbaugh has this appreciation in 1987 someone tried to burn down tom petty's house in la he and his family were inside they lost everything in the house but they all servive he told whyy is fresh air in two thousand six that it was a defining experience i felt really elated that the did get me like i i conscious that was the thought it was going to my hand faster to give up dan the incident inspired one of pettis most personal and popular hits won't back down is it's very bold very blunt and it's turned out you know the one song this have the most influence on people that approach me on the street or talk to mean arrests drawn earn wherever i go or mail that i've gone knows years it's it's been really important to a lot of people in their lives his connection with his fans was type in a documentary about him from two thousand seven called running down a dream he performs a song learning to fly he steps back and puts his hands up and the crowd instantly response.

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