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I can't do that because it just means you won't do it right like you can do something you can. You just have to set your mind to it and and take the time to learn something or take the time to to put into it Again you have to want to do it right and so as as dead as that realization kinky based on what your kids were saying what were some of the steps that you were taken to help yourself kinda start to change that mindset. What were some of those small things that you were starting to do. The help change that mindset. Sell i it's funny i. I call it mirror moments. So i i do You know when. I get up in the morning. I look in the mirror and think okay. What's one great thing right now. Like what's one don't look at any of the negative stuff. See think of one. Great thing one thing that you love about yourself. You know one thing that you just say. Oh this is great I would do that and he and out also go through like all the good things that were going to happen in my day. Which i think is really important as well. There's a lot of stuff that happens every day that you're like oh to i have to deal with that but you do. But there's always great stuff that's happening as well. You just have to to see it that way. So those are some of the things that i would do but really you know it. It's not like an overnight thing where you just say. Also okay. i'm fine You know we also we all struggle right everybody struggles. I think that realization as well Sitting down at a table of women and having a conversation seeking from the outside like they look perfect and put together. There's no such thing as perfect and adan But you you know you and then you have a conversation..

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