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Guy always has to say yes and so they dropped the gloves and that it's like patti marlow. Who as is getting close to gordy house record for most games ever play. Patty marlow can't fight and he's probably been in fights in his life but if somebody says do you want to go. You can't say no. thanks. I don't feel like getting beat up. I mean it's a man's game isn't it. Is i remember during the bubble last year. I mean one of the roughest characters in the league. Tom wilson for the caps. He went really listening. Anders lee sort of a rough year for the islanders two but after he laid out. Why the caps. Wilson was looking for them and you could show. I mean. we probably didn't really wanna fight him but he did. He probably lost a close decision in the fight. But i mean that was just sort of had to do it and the islanders were all quick. Quicken the sticks against the boards. Because they're proud of their guy for fighting like that. Yeah i mean some you get those sorts of situations and that's There's a good side to fight in. The and i guess that's on friday. We had some more changes. Because of the coronavirus and timmy. Games getting cancelled. The first major decision is removing the glass behind team benches which apparently is better now because that will allow air to flow unlike the nba. The you know the bench. Setup has not changed so far but except for separating people but in addition to this the league is asking teams now to bring air cleaners to kit. The air circulated Also players and coaches are not allowed to arrive until an hour forty five before the puck drops. And you talk some hockey players if they'll get there for the morning skate and they won't go back home they'll just lay around and lift weights or whatever but that's because as i mentioned the nfl nhl see a huge uptick. The the wild hat five more players on the list. They postponed four games. Colorado added another one. New jersey had four buffalo had to sabres and the devils had their series. Saturday and last night called off as well so i. I don't know if the late arrival and the air flow is going to help but at least the nhl looking for something. Well they've got a burgeoning problem here. I mean it's been a problem for for year for everybody and they were able to deal with this can. The bubble did a great job and in toronto and edmonton for the for More games in the summer right now. Here's the latest today the flyers now after go on hiatus for a bit. So now you're talking about five teams and you're missing chunks of games and there's a domino effect. It's all the teams they're playing so the caps are getting ready to play the flyers tonight. Okay there post on and all the teams the flyers to play the next few days and this goes for the teams in buffalo on the devils and wild agean. All i mean it's it it. It's a domino effect. And i think they're a little little worried right now about the integrity of this. The schedule here what they might have to do. There is a offer that they built in between the end of the regular season. And the start of the playoffs Which i think is now probably going to be filled with games There's one other factor here. That the nhl and i and this sort of well hockey capital angered by They really wanted to get this stuff done. The season done before the olympics started. And part of that is nbc. With the olympics one we olympics are still a little bit of doubt and too i. I didn't see anybody. I didn't talk to one person who missed no olympic summer You know there's sort of a nuisance address my own opinion of fix and they might even have it this this year in tokyo so But the nhl has had to you know work around summer olympics thing for tv purposes. And they've had to jam the thing a little bit sooner would be better if they had more of the summer to finish believe that they had you. They're trying to finish before where they thought. The olympics are going to go and put themselves in a little box A couple more questions for bruce marshall with the gold sheet the sharks couple years ago made a huge decision about where they were going to spend their money and they had already put a lot of money into martin jones and rep burns and Mark edward vlasic. They decided to hold onto some rentals in the as nine and sixty five. But that meant showing the door to joe pavelski and then giving the seat to logan couture and pavel ski going to dallas. You know almost was able to win a stanley cup in the end and he played okay but now thirty six years old. He's playing out of his mind. He's basically the best player in the in the central division right now. Twenty three points did. Did you see this coming. and how. How much do you think the sharks would like to have used that money. They'll ski instead. Oh yeah i think they would say him back. You still got hockey left in him. I mean i didn't know that he'd be the best player in the central like has never i. He was still good good enough last year and he got better as the season on with dallas and then y- performed pretty well the playoffs too. But you're right. I mean they had to make some discerning jordan's gonna to how much useless let joe had plus forty but It's not quite the same sharks. They committed a lot of money. There across Dander cain But the g general though. I mean they've had to start peeling off some of the core guys and They haven't really been able to place. And i think they're looking at more of redo after this year. The mentioned before it reminds me of the ducks a couple of years ago. Who a serious contender up. Until a couple of years ago and then they just had to go completely build the whole thing. The sharks are running about two years to three years. Where the ducks were. I'm afraid and they may have to make complete clean out. You know even if they make the playoffs this year. I'm not sure they are with i don't like the trajectory for the sharks at all no other kind of treading water here not really going anywhere last hockey question for you Just as just for fun about how. Who's hot and in between the pipes. i'll give you a choice of the four. Probably top goalies right now for one game and you tell me who you want. You can either have Varlamov of the isles or you can have ordered. I write it down now. Are you can have connor. Hell book of course with The winnipeg jets and you can have vasilevskiy with The world champs. Or i'll give you grew our with the launch. Which of those four would you take. High celeski I'll take him off stanley cup but he's he is one goalie in early going. She some goalies have some issues early on here. He's playing well and why game look at somebody who's goals against rate increasing games. I mean they're they're they're scoring much against him. Lot of that is him. So i would save s. Alaska would be my guy and I try. I think. I think he wanted to but i i think he would be my number one guy if give me one going for one game it's you say percentage down nine thirty one out of two hundred and forty eight shots. He's only let in seventeen and nine games. all right. what is going we know. We've wrapped up the super bowl and the crazy props.

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