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You wanna get into next checked. Talk about johnny and bow. My favorites fun seems this time around and the conflict but they started out with is kind of centered around there sleeping arrangements and what. I was thinking before when she was putting that pillow barrier between them It was shortly after. He said something about her snoring or something and she's just like let me just play. I i was like okay. I think she was bothered by that. And this is like what's reinforce that like. This is going to stay here. And i think this episode really confirm that because apparently snoring is her biggest insecurity. And i didn't think there would be this big thing throughout that aside but playful little thing like i feel like that would be something really cute what johnny was doing and being like. Oh we were visited by these. Little animals in the night's sleep that well and she seemed to have playful banter back. Like you stop that. But it wasn't tall later on that it came back around and it was like they made this all this progress with episode. But then she it was sorta like. Let's put a damper on a romantic moment now. Because i'm going to bring it up again. Same like she was playful with burs because it was just like okay. This is him learning about it but the fact that he's brought it up every morning waking up together she's like okay. Wait a sec. It is like stirring up all of these. Yeah insecurities that she has for someone. Like i could see from her perspective like she knows. She snores period. But then for the person that you're like romantically interested in to constantly bring it up like say she's dating someone it'd be like okay already know that this person is love with me. He's going to accept me. But if it's like oh like the first night we're tackling. He meeting again wearing this about me. I must think it's like a really deep seated insecurity when she talked about how she would stay up all night as a little younger teen or whatever at camp that i almost think makes you need some kind of like to work through it to get over it because that seems really debilitating to like. Even if he doesn't bother her about it. I feel like she'll still be thinking about that or that. That will put a mic. Just continue to be something that hinders them getting intimate or sleeping room. Anytime if he doesn't say anything ever again about snoring but if he mentions like i'm tired i think she's going to be doing about it. Yeah exactly yeah. Or if he she sees that he's wearing earplugs or something too so it was like she has like so many like she's such a perfectionist brad sheets and she has this process and this is something out of control and that to say that this is the one thing she can't control so she probably really bugs. So i'm hoping that maybe johnny to do is is really. I think he did well explaining that. He thought that's kind of his way of showing he likes someone and but then i think next step would be to really stress that it doesn't actually bother him or that's not a dealbreaker in any way so i just hate that came back around after they had such a nice romantic day. Yeah get into as well but And then they both went to the couple's gathering so there was a couples gathering that obviously mikhael couldn't make it to but Scott you have their data the pool when Which can.

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