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Hey. Hey good morning. Gene good morning. Let me see who up in here. Net net net. So rondo is end the building. Haney megamall. sean hayes. Jones is here. Hey girl morning you Tim house is in the buildings that more as your man on the block radio. Hey burn mathis. Is here hager. All good morning in the savage is in the building. Kim kim bohai cam good morning to you della andrews. Hey beautiful good morning. How are you listening morning nelly right. It's in the building. Good morning natalie. How are you this morning. The terrible lee scott is here. Hey league wanted you. Trina pinker is good monitoring. How abe is. The nieces in the building hangar. All morning this. Thomas king is here. Hey thomas thomas khalil. Rashid is backing up kalou. Hey how you this morning khalil. Travis grit is hello travis. How are you this morning from toledo ohio. I think it was. Oh hey are you knew. I would pay way. Travis appreciate you tuning in Let us know. How did you hear about the show. We i know what you said you tomorrow and Yet thank you again and please share. Who else we have Our freedom jenkins's here. Good morning free to. How are you today. good morning when shine the logan's by the what's up shine the. Hey girl donna. Good morning show. Nectar dan shell. Hey girl hey girl. Hey how are you this morning. Just probably veneta george henry. Good morning haven. At who else we have here. Jack said it's end up building. Hey they're good morning to you. How are you today. Yes the showing ex. It's in the building. What sean hager. All your coming this weekend right. I want to meet you girl and saturday. I hope she's coming with like twenty people. Listen to sean along the sean brown right yeah. She's a b x hero. Okay excellent be next being next to remembered that. Yeah swag was invented in the bronx new york and of course jesus christ and now. The thing about sean. She's one of those atlantic city. Heroes always down here doesn't matter does it matter the occasion. You know those people that just say we are. We like if they would just went down the black then. I can't wait to see yes me. Neither can't wait to away up to me. Because i don't be seeing all the people. Your little profile picture always sees anybody clearly. If you have a purse especially at a party event you'll see somewhere in the corner. Seizures might be twisted a little bit. Just go it's harmless. She'd like you. I come in at this. Our don't be surprised. She talks about sean harvey. But please don't be surprised if she leaves the event abruptly towns. There's been times in the poconos or and he you're right i'll be right mama cenis in the building. Hey lynda jacobs came on and my mom's birthday weekend this weekend. Her birthday on sunday quite happy to happy happy. Hey mom birthday printing cards. Good morning mr robinson. Stop doing my baby's. Hey always gives much love for was the one. I kept young men in general. Yeah always causing a ruckus man. I didn't pull the trigger. Because of my beloved please. Vanessa sense we pleased. Hey this is a really fabulous. Wow.

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