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Price cost hair on the racing price for a festive feeling cost. We have ten primarily games the previewed with the end goal of arming. You with the insights. You can feel cold front with your betting this weekend joining me today. I'm delighted to be able to welcome on landon and chris rivers from the racing post sports desk and our sponsors patty power. With andy rourke mark great to have you back on the postcard cast. I suspect taking away from important matters. Appraisals and stuff i might today and what better way to start while probably not the but let's have a quick On last night's premier league action at liverpool beating tottenham light on how people think not game walls in the in the end Kind of grand scheme of things in the primarily jack. I enjoy doing the nine appraisal lower than line. Praising this lost may defeat. Full beloved spurs. I think in the grand scheme of things. Y- fancy little before the season started offensive to win the league blast not and i still find them to win the league this morning. Rarely that The best team in the league. Nothing sixties dip the district that gap has just been relentless in the way the they can win different ways. They can win. So battling out. Lot like did against tottenham and then they can blow sides away like they did with leicester own wounds. I mean even when a law of defensive plays out last night and talking create chances in the second off the one the x j for the matters still like liverpool play. The football coach jones is coming on great and so it looks like he could be a mainstay not midfield for the next ten years and then you think jota tiago replies that to come back. Even if undock misses the season the to fullback to so difficult sonali fine and it was a big a big win for livable. because they're white full massive being grade so i suppose To land at home win over rival was a big one. Yeah definitely. I'm they just quickly out from a bank perspective. I think it's one of the shortest prices. We've seen liverpool in times of the outright market. Now but i'm still surprised as a have been all season to see manchester city still so sure in the market i mean. We saw them struggle against west brom during the week that they really are dropping behind in times of points. Now obviously die from a from a bookmaker perspective your comfort the it will come good for manchester city at some point exactly and i think when you look at the expected goals in those kind of metrics man city are still leading there. You you mentioned the west brom game. Like how sam johnson kept out all those chances they should have won the game easily and they were kinda robbed if like and yet we do expect them to call him. God i think another former ability that liverpool will have as the the injuries dir mason so many repairs that it will ultimately come back to haunt them. I think it's own stage. So expect city to close the gap over the next couple of months and i think it will be a lot closer than it is now boost. You know i'd agree with mark to an extent that reporter quite a good price in a probably be interested in back in if i had the patience to wait until may pay. Yeah definitely okay. Let's get straight into saturday's action. Great to have. Chris rivers on the show as wound. Chris we will come to you first game. I'm you're going to be delighted about the early kickoff on saturday. He travels to crystal palace for the swan What's your what's your selection for this game. yeah i'm leaning towards palace has been this one. The not particularly fond of twelve thirty kickoffs other liberal porn klopp's already got his excuse lined up with the timing of the game. We can point the finger at sky. Connie if they don't and this poll run of form away from home as marks already alluded to their on their longest. Winless run away from home in the primarily under clock. One win away from home this season on the road and if liverpool arts win the title they're going to have to buck that trend but it won't be easy against palace they've been pretty decent of lay covered them against west ham last night and thought they look very solid could be difficult one for the poor to break down. I could see this being a a score draw. A high percentage of games with both of these clubs where you know both teams to score is landed during the top. Five in that kind of metric. So i do think it's worth taking a chance on policy in this game. yeah mark. I watched them that crystal palace. Spurs game A few days ago and was impressed with policy going while they are yeah. I think i agree with chris. I mean so big dot livable moments ago. I think this is a maybe a tricky game than the odds would suggest. I think the the injuries make it difficult at the moment. For two wrote tight. saw dot is going to be an shoe size of travel down to london. Wars palace studied in london without white game at west time and just little bits like that can adopt to the facts of. Do you want to be taking a price about liverpool away from I think they'll be opportunities ready to leave a poor any a white team in policy play. Well against spurs fully deserve that point as just adds a new dimension to the palestinians takes a little bit of pressure of Been tech off abso- just in terms of creativity and if you go. Somebody is a desirable to hold onto the ball. And occupied defenders actually create a more spicer loss suspended in the offers right called against West and he. He's been doing quite well recently. But juden all you a suspect will come in and just looks like a a horrible game for liverpool one. They'll they'll expect to win but they couldn't beat fulham and they couldn't be brian so you won't be rushing back them. Yeah tricky one this liverpool and the value. Yeah i'd i kind of agree with allows i think polisario look right here on. I definitely wouldn't be putting never putin any weekend Wounds to i was tempted by either fuel to win on both teams score nine to five. They've obviously been as it is. Highlighted defensive vulnerabilities on the road and then conceded in all of their last four away games. Would i just think with saleh with for menial. They played really well last night some. They're always talking trash. So i think they'll just have too much in the alleged policy here. A tricky game for liverpool. That want to start things off on saturday and you will stay with you for the three o'clock kick-off on saturday southampton against manchester city. This one on amazon prime another tricky game for a tame. Well both these teams out net atop on. I've been really impressed with south. How scf aw. So many layers to the way they play love watching them go forward stirrings and woolcott on on reitman than while manchester city of walk out hair at night. Yeah they certainly do it. Things at hampton is he say a really stark and season on it feels like they've progressed in terms of performances as well as they've started backing up the results with some kind of dominant at showings at eleven to two here. I can southampton are big price. I wouldn't be advising against a back back enough. I think what i've opted for here is a kind of an alternative market of gopher james ward prowse's to have shot on one or more shot on target sixty four and they've you set hampton tend to use set-pieces quite lawton. They've relied on them for quite a few goals. And i think with the fact that they'll likely have less possession in this game. I think award price kind of shocked from outside the box or a freekick might be a very viable route for a goal. For ted hampton saw. I'm going to go for the shot on target. Six to four or stuff mocked. you've got involved in these kind of sean target markets. They they seem to really.

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