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He's not playing with stamkos and kucherov. I think he's played very well tonight. And that's a good sign for young player. Who's now being told let's see how you deal limited minutes playing with guys who were not as skilled more four flying type energy type players as we talked about in the pre game. You don't handle himself? Well, there is that great debate. I think among organizations what do you do with a highly skilled player that probably can play at the NHL right now. But you're not gonna bump anybody off the top six not a whole lot with the. Yeah. I think in his case he he's top six of guy. He's definitely a tough nine tiny guy. If you don't have a role for him. At the NHL level. He's better off playing bigger minutes. Now learning more about the defensive side of the game at the at the minor league level because that's a difficult task. Learn let's face it. This is not Nashville's best lineup out here tonight. So it's a lot different when you're facing. Ryan johansen. PK sue van and Filip Forsberg hasn't lineup. Those last night in Nashville, you know? So there are a lot of those. There's a big learning for when if you're gonna make the jump from preseason games two regular season games lives. So for me. I think you're better suited in a player like him. Let him go down and get some more seasoning. Because as Pat Verbeek told me one time nobody ever says he put him down there too long. Good point this from Cody gauge. Is Eric Chernick playing his way onto the roster. Obviously meeting. The NHL rocky is making a strong case. I don't know if he's going to make this team out of camp. You know, he's, you know, as we talked about the JT Miller go he read that playwright he was imposition if he'd received that he had a wide open chance coming down off off the wash their the white circle that would have been a great chance for him. But he's put himself in a little bit of trouble in his own and a couple of times tonight and on we're just Michael Manji here or nit picking a little bit. But he only has made some of those plays in those those are some of the things that you have to learn his defenseman to not put yourself in those sort of difficult situations. So you if if you're looking for tiebreakers, we know Eric does not any waivers to go back down. So there's always an option it's easy option. So I would say right now, I think he's probably starting down in Syracuse were played twenty two to twenty three minutes a night most nights compared to what he could up here. But he's making a very very strong case resolved last question Brandon chief says out of the lightning deal with having. To have Martell on the NHL Ross with all this talent waiting for a chance. Yeah. In the people missed it. The lighting did claim, Danny. Martell martel. Thank you from Philadelphia this afternoon. We'll see him next week because one of the final three really good age. I'll player played four games last year restraint twenty goal seasons. Young childhood coming off at twenty five bowl campaign for Lehigh valley. In the American Hockey League smaller players smaller forward on a team filled with smaller players smaller forest Goodspeed. Scouting report is is a skilled player a smart player, which again, it kind of fits. Mold in a lot of ways. And that's the interesting question. How how do they handle it now because he is a player that if you take a playoff way Reuss? You know, he has to be the United club or a team that lost him has I chance to reclaim him. So we'll see how it's all going to shake out. But you know, as as Dave misconception in the pre game. It's a low risk moved here by Tampa Bay. Because if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out. You know, you have plenty of depth. But if he works out, you know, that's a player with some games under his Valdez almost two hundred games in in in the rubble. It is at a guy who can play in a third line possibly fourth line role with some skill. You know, what what are the other parts of his game that we don't know about yet that he can showcase presumably at some point. I think probably gonna see him right away Tuesday. Absolutely. Yes. The panthers. So they played four games in a row including the season opener, which is not unprecedented. Yeah. Yeah. It's really interesting. Eric great stuff by air ground lighting and Saturday com. Leading powerplay check him on the post game getting Senator views for us as well. Thanks bye. Thank you for the questions as well..

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