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Yeah, Trouble free as well. My king for W. B Z is traffic on the three and for the rest of the night. It's going to be another chilly one out there for sure. But at least we're not gonna have any rain or snow for the next few hours will take it right. Some stars out there right now, But if you have to go outside, bundle up, we've got temperatures mostly in the middle over thirties right now, But I am seeing some mid to upper twenties. If you make your way through western Massachusetts and parts of Central Mass through the Worcester Hills later on tonight, most of us getting too about the mid to lower thirties for a low real feel stuff tonight in the teens, and we could see some more rain showers popping up. Mostly on the south Coast, Cape and islands and parts of the South shore. Now overnight, we could see some snow and rain showers developing first thing in the morning. 456 am so if you're planning on getting up very early to vote, keep that in mind. Bring the umbrella. Bring a jacket. Some gloves, you might need it. Gonna be a cold and blustery day for election Day anyway, partly sunny skies after those all clear up high tomorrow, just about 44 but feeling like the thirties and then tomorrow night clear to partly cloudy alone. You're 20 for inland 31 downtown and we get a bit of a warm up, though for the rest of the week partly sunny on Wednesday, a high near 50. And I see the forecast here. Yeah, Thursday milder but of sunshine with a high in the mid to upper sixties. Right now, though, in Worcester, where 31 degrees Singh 38 in Yar meth getting north of town, 31 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and right now in Boston at 6 35. It's 37. But with that wind out there, it feels more like 26. In Western mass. Officials are asking the public now for help. In a 20 year old cold case. The Hampton County DA's office says they need any information you might have about the death of Karen Soucy. She was found dead in her Springfield bathroom. Back on November. 3rd 2000. Her landlord went to her house discovered her body after he noticed the car hadn't been moved and her male but hadn't been touched for two days. Police say they've determined her cause of death was blunt trauma. But when it comes to the hunt for her killer, well, that's run cold. So if you have any information, please reach out to Springfield Police, not to Wisconsin. Now it's 6 36 for a sizable bond was set today for the Illinois teen charged into shooting deaths during protests in Kenosha Judge in Kenosha County said a $2 million bond for Kyle Riton house, the 17 year old charged in the shooting deaths of two protesters who were in the streets of Kenosha after the police shooting of Jacob Blake, the judge said Riton House Was a flight risk since he is facing the possibility of spending his adult life in prison if convicted, and that is a B C's Aaron Carter ski at 6 37. Of course, we're watching developing news out of Austria tonight, where At least one suspect is dead. More than a dozen other people hurt in what officials are calling a terror attack in the capital of Vienna get the latest from ABC is Tom Rivers When I witness says he saw at least one person fired shots at people sitting outside bars in the street. This evening is the last before the locked down as of midnight, all bars and restaurants close in Austria for the next month, and a lot of people probably wanted to use this evening to be able to go out. We know one of the people. Her is a police officer and officials in Vienna say the suspect was killed when they were shot by police. However, police do think several Attackers are involved here. And they say As of this hour,.

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