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So their names will always be atop the home of the NBA champs. Then the girder with a giant American flag fluttering above was hoisted into play three to raise the name. Well, says the privately financed arena is on track to open next September with a month of big name concerts and special events before the warriors even play their first game there. One of the craft workers. Scott Santos told his crewmates to take pride in what they're erecting wherever you're at watching the game, whoever you're with you can turn to them and say, oh, I was a part of that. I built that place in San Francisco. Doug, sovereign KCBS ahead of California's three hundred fifty billion dollar pension fund. Does not have a college degree revelation. That is startled some retirees MARCY frost leads the California Public employees retirement system, the nation's largest retirement system, these Akron will be reports that frost did not claim to have a college degree when she was hired back in two thousand sixteen but she did say she was working on getting one frost initially had said, she was pursuing dual degrees, in fact at a liberal arts college in Washington, but she has not taken any classes there since twenty ten ahead of this weekend's thirty eighth annual comedy day in the park. The city of San Francisco's posted a new permanent sign at the entrance to what used to be known as Sharon meadow KCBS making Goldsboro. Reports the renaming of Robin Williams meadow is now official cover over the new recreation and park sign had Lezo suspenders on it. And when it was pulled away. Metal officially became Robin Williams. His friends were on hand to celebrate including comedian Johnny Steele who recalled Williams letting him pretend to be kinda west during an award ceremony at comedy day coming on stage to try and take Williams trophy could have bombed horribly. It worked thank God. And he comes across a field. And thanks, you always thinks other people he always gave to other people. It's just so great that every year. We'll be able to come not just on comedy day. And then any day, she the plaque. And now he's here. Thanks to San Francisco, and all these politician, folks and deputies for making this happen. I is the president of comedy day and an old friend of Williams died in two thousand fourteen and after he passed away. I thought we have to have something we have to honor this man, it was such a part of my life. He was a part of comedy days life and comedy day has been in Sharon meadow. What was Sharon meadow for the past twenty some years, and I thought what could be better than to name the meadow after Robin and through that process. She found out the meta would never actually officially been named after William Sharon. Anyway, in Robin Williams meadow, Megan gold, speak KCBS sports coming up next with risk. Mcgowan. There's a natural resource.

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