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Everyone is looking into it and speculating about it. And obviously it's more than likely something about his situation with the buffalo sabres right now and all of the situation. Is he still on the team right. And and you know we have really mentioned it much on On our show but You know he wants to get this really experimental surgery that you know. Most athletes have never done before and nhl player has never done that before. I know that for sure. And it was really interesting. Because thirty-one thoughts the podcast Elliott friedman and jeff merrick had a physician. Come on in. He was the one that actually suggested the surgery to eichel's Camaraderie camp whatever and he came onto the podcast there and kind of explained what the how the jury with look what it would do. What the recovery time would be and it seemed legit. It seemed like it would work in that. It would be fine however the buffalo sabres don't want that. They want him to go the traditional way. Just kind of rehab and to end. Try to come back and all of that was before you know the relationship between him and the sabers were were ever at this point. There's no return in my opinion on this Any thoughts about that chris. This is weird. This doesn't have in hockey. It's so weird and something so public like this right. Yeah exactly so. I mean what i really want to know is there's been talk from dallas stars fans. Maybe not the most educated wins. But there's been talk from them about trying to trade for him. And i want to know your thoughts on that. I don't know jack goal. it's jack i go right. I mean who who would not want jack. I go on their team. Bagley every i mean all thirty two teams in the thirty one other the other thirty one teams in the nhl would died. How somebody like jack guy on the team on their team but the problem is that his is just so much of a question right now in. That's a big reason why he hasn't been traded yet. I think there are teams in the nhl that would meet. The demands of the buffalo sabres would be required to get jack. Eichel off the sabers but negro on that list. It's very very very like out there saying i. I don't think it's likely is a possible. Maybe is it likely. No i would give it like five percent chance literally. That's that's all. I would give no higher not even five point one. I'd give it a zero percent chance just because we haven't heard any talks that dallas has been interested either but yeah it for them to get eichel. the only decent price is. Did you see joshes hypothetical trade right. Yeah so josh sanders. Posted a hypothetical trade on the jason robertson fan club in hockey talk facebook group and I don't have it in front of me. Kristie you have it in front of me. But i remember what it was it was for. It was row. Pay hance rightly hints. It was hanley harley harley a first round pick in next year in third round pick the year after and so anton khudobin anton khudobin for one player. Who was injured right it. Will we know about anything about that..

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