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In 10 minutes in both directions, Traffic in transit every 10 minutes on the ones and breaking traffic lights whenever they happen. I'm Gloria Chopper on 10 10 wins. The tri state now in the middle of a very steamy stretch of weather. And if you think it's been hot today, well, just wait until tomorrow more on what we're in for it now from AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson and this life report, Brian Madonna was a hot day today got Tio 94 in Central Park after getting into 91 yesterday. So certainly capping off a hot weekend and Ah, it is going to get hotter tomorrow looks like up to about 97 degrees. Really Field sumptuous could top 105 tomorrow afternoon after what's going to be a very steamy night tonight. Witnesses as we get toward Tuesday, especially Wednesday, temperatures will come down a bit by Wednesday afternoon. We're expecting highs to be back into the eighties again, Donna All right, Bryan. Now because of this blistering heat, the city has a heat advisory. Now in effect doesn't end until 8 p.m. Tomorrow. Ben Cracker Ben Krakauer that is of the city's office of Emergency Management. Tell us 10 10 wins. But it's important for your health to keep the heated bay especially during a pandemic Heat is a risk for New York every single year on DH, the same underlying health factors that Someone susceptible to Cove. It makes someone susceptible to heat illness, which is why we've added the cool streets and we're opening up cooling centers. But if people have an air conditioner at home, that really is the best place to be because you're socially distant and you're staying cool those cooling centers he mentioned being opened across the five boroughs. For anyone who needs a place to escape the weather. You can find one near you by calling 311 And don't forget to bring a face covering. You can also find a new online map of cooling and misting sites at the city Parks website. So what's the best way to cool off during the heat wave like this? Well, lots of people across the tri state have had the same idea. Today a trip to the beach among them 10 10 wins reporter Roger Stern people here in Coney Island, including Frank say. A dip in the ocean. Or maybe even Mohr than a dip is a great way to beat. The triple digit really feel. Temperature stayed in the water got to go in the water once in a while. Absolute fun. Let's just say, stay away from people. You'll be all right and Alfonzo driving here from Paterson, New Jersey, 100 degrees Can women What's better than 100 degree day in Coney Island strategy? Get hot lying on your blanket. Cool off in the ocean, Returned to the sand and repeat cycle. Ocean sand, ocean sand ocean sand. Ah, pleasure.

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