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Sure that you pay alkyl mma fantastic human being my favorite of all time barnen hands down around questions asked jacobs knee give him as mine jackson act will really good about defensive near year i wanna i wanna make sure that i'm late too key to journey around as well i won't keep any hurry around i would like to spend a little more draft capital in china get younger more athletic off the edge to you'd never have too many i totally rehab interested it's huge regan tendency within off season the howard rosen wording wording this on thursday january nine so a jogging how we have their little end of the season ho season recall press conference yesterday in how it was discussing gerard and he said those strings worrying but essentially the artem middle season he really didn't play at all in the year yet eh one sadness first game as an eagle but other than now is pretty quiet they said it was more of a move towards next season they want to get him in their off-season program program news so you have to have some optimism form now at a mature zach greatest straight in the worst part of that airgun for on the field when they really deb i will see johnny cash way more than i expected but i can't i would i would invest some you've draft capital yea d.'s are a big question outside naga and great no corner a love of oxygen and ashley ashley is.

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