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TV viewer today. Have more options than ever before and while that might be a godsend to couch potatoes everywhere for TV critics. It's been a mixed blessing. The Frame Contributor Collin Friesen attended the recent television critics association gathering to check in on how the professionals are coping in the era of peak TV. I watched the terrible things. So you don't have to that. Sarah Rodman the head of the television critics association currently a features editor at entertainment. Weekly she's been coming to these events for the last sixteen years. And although the critics now get episode screeners in Advance Rodman says this year set a record with more than six hundred. Seventy nine scripted shows vying for their attention. That's crazy number. How how do you get through it? As as a doubt is the short answer because nobody can watch six hundred seventy nine thousand nine hundred. Those chimes mean. It's time for yet. Another session at the posh Langham Hotel in Pasadena. This is the epicenter of TV criticism. Where twice a year? Networks in streaming services trot out the cast and creators of their shows for some free media exposure on this day. Cbs Hit a high note. With its Star Trek reboot Picard starring. Patrick Stewart Oh that's emptiness according to Rodman the ever increasing number of shows to watch and thus workload for the critics has changed the way. Many members approached their work with the proliferation of shows and platforms. That a lot of people have tended more towards. We want to celebrate the things that are good instead of wasting columns face on things that are bad. So does that mean television critics become even more vital during this era of PT Deep. Well sort of but I will say that it is both more and less important. The more that there are shows the more people can make their own decisions. Like some people are like. I'm just going to browse through everything and make up my own mind. I don't care what critics say but that's probably always been true for that viewer so I think that if there are a ton of shows there definitely are people that are looking for somebody to say. Key Me from drowning. I think the TV critic today is most important for his curation. We can tell you what's good we can tell you. What is quality we can tell you what's bad people? Water seeks. Its own level. That's Damian Holbrook. Who WRITES FOR TV? Guide magazine Holbrooke. Along with fellow reviewer. Rick Bentley sat down between sessions to explain how critics can draw people to some shows that might have otherwise been overlooked. I think it's our responsibility to be the guy who want men and women who find those shows that are worth. Cat Promote you know like I don't know if somebody would have found fleabag bright. Had We not been trump trumpeting? People didn't find their way to Shits Creek until its fourth season and we had been championing it for years but nobody was looking at it because it was a smaller network some cable station carrying pop tv but we were talking so much about it in praising it so much that people then started to find it on. Netflix Dana Calvo who created the show. Good girls revolt for Amazon is a former reporter. Who's been up on that stage? Tb Critics Association. Get together you know. It's a little strange for me. I'm facing people that I worked with before she agrees that. Tv critics generally don't have the power to kill a show and can help find an audience for overlook programs. But she had sometimes reviewers can do even more than that and sometimes with streaming get the. Sometimes you get the pilot to come out and then eight months later you have the rest of the series launch. Some of the opinions of the pilot we heard took note of with only so many people wanting to read about TV. Everyone points do social media and the rise of TV bloggers and twitter's as a major to the status quo but President. Rodman maintains professional. Critics aren't going away anytime soon. This isn't purely promotion for most of the people who are here but it's still the acid bang for their buck that they're getting two hundred some odd voices all at once talking about their show for good or for the. The sort of massive impact of it is still true that aspect of it hasn't gone. It might be tempting to look at the decline of newspapers and magazines and see a time when events like this don't make financial sense for broadcasters and streamers but who would have predicted the rise of podcasters taking deep dives into their favorite shows so while events like. This certainly aren't cheap for now. At least the show make that the shows will definitely go on and on and for the frame. I'm calling freezing.

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