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All of it? Wow Yeah in two thousand sixteen I circumnavigated Bay Area Ridge. Shell and I did it Just as far as with groups of friends so they're sections that I thought that high that Iran. I'm originally runner or anything. I running of the different channels here in the bay area. Since nineteen ninety three was my high school cross country team and over time it just became a passion Just love to protect these different trials that I enjoy Scarring through running. So I became a board member on the retrial and during the time period I was also circumnavigating and it was signing a each time I hiked or ran or bike Segment I always thought it was my most favorite section of the route trial so a lot of people that's kind of where the question of what's your favorite section gender your favorite view. Because every time I discovered a new section something amazing about it that I hadn't experienced in the past it made it Really easy and what was also neat about circumnavigating. The retrial is just accessibility so a lot of it was just maybe forty five minutes in a different direction so it was a lot more accessible. Looked when you kind of look at the whole big map and I was just able to switch up Maya Saturday. Ron Go someplace new so yeah so. I didn't in Less than nine and what I did is just took those moments of time that I had free To do a section of it but with people are considering of coming circumnavigators. I really think you don't have to do it in a year. Two years or three years really think about what type of experienced with light on the retrial. It could be anything from Ryan to photography to have a new spot height with your hiking group. And just get out there making your own experience when you start hiking at you. Just really searching realized the diversity of the bay area in topography and they're so much more than Trials in your backyard. Even though they're amazing beautiful old airs these experiences that are just down the road. That are completely different. Yeah Yeah it is. We can be get ten minutes away from our house. We can be out in the wilderness. It yes it's that. Yeah you're in the city and just captured a perfectly. You're literally in the city stuck in traffic and then ten minutes way. You feel like you're the only person out there. Sometimes you might only personnel on. Yeah it's it's true it's true you are the more remote and get less old and I. It really gives you. I think perspective and what we're finding out now through research is that outdoor time is really great for your health and it's now becoming a prescription from some doctors people to enjoy the outdoors. Absolutely well I wanNA thank you so much for being on the show. This is great. This makes me WANNA go out and get up to Mount Tam Right now but after the weekend But thank you very very much for being on the show and I hope this speech in the bay area more involved and visitors who come to the bay area they can check it out and visit some of the trails. I can't wait to see all the new additions to the Ridge trail this year and in the years to come and hopefully in the near future will see a complete yes. Well I'm excited when it does complete I hope that as far as all being able to be there for the dedication and walk saddened segment absolutely and thank you so much for being on the show and I hope you have an excellent week and Talk to you soon. All right bye okay bye. Thank you so much Luana. It was a real pleasure to have you on the show. I learned so much about that wonderful trail that we have. We're so lucky to have that here. I will have all the links for the Bay Area Ridge trail on the website. I also and something that a lot and I talked after the interview is that the Pacific coast trail runs at one of the trail run race. Companies Sponsors a Bay Bay Area Ridge race series. They had I think they have to three different races throughout the year for the Bay Area Ridge trail and it goes on parts of the rich drill. I've done one of them. I did the thirty seven. K that goes from the San Francisco because from Baker Beach and San Francisco and that goes over the bridge and then he goes out and then ends at Stinson Beach. So I've done that distance. It's really fun. It was a great race. They also have one at East Bay and I believe there is one in the South Bay too. But I'm not sure about that. But I'll put their link on the website too so you can check it out and do one of those races. They are wonderfully run. They're excellent race company. You will have a great time very fun. People run those races and volunteer work at those races. It's just a lot of fun. You will not regret it now. The thing that she mentioned is a barrier bear bait. Can I talk berry? Esa Bart Station? It's not open yet. Bart Bay Area Rapid Transit. It's our train station. It's like a quote unquote rapid train. That goes all all around. Most of the bay it's It's not that fast. Not really and they're not that fast. As far as building new stations. They usually are very late. They never come in within schedule. So there is one in northern San Jose which is about time they should have had things down to San Jose. Sooner but there's a lot of politics especially when you get in the suburbs Barry Esa. Why am I having a hard time saying that? Berry? Esa Bart stations should be open soon and there is a trail right from that Bart station. That would be really fun to follow and it'd be like I said it'll be great to have a Bart Station in San Jose. Lots of stuff in San Jose for people see but we can't get to without Bart. We could take the the train the real trains but they're massively slow and wickedly overpriced all right. There's a lot in that and I'm not even going to get into because it's not about running asked me sometime. If you see me in person. Okay all the links will be on the website and you'll be able to see. What is the website? Martha the website is Martha runs the world dot com on the website as well you can donate to patriots. You could become a patriotic patron for dollar a month for three dollars a month for five dollars a month. Two.

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