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And I think music notes dot com has them I think sheet music direct but yeah I would say sheet music plus dot com They claim they've got 2 million titles I don't know Because I hear what you songs and Albert and I are after we get our things together we're going to start up another band and I hear these songs and I want to do them like mister fine you know In the band and we're almost of that's going to be really hard because most of them that you'll like like that weren't didn't sell a lot of copies when they were out So finding somebody in my life You don't think we could find the seat music on that It might be hard You know see that's the thing It's always easier on a big hits anything that sold a lot So she wrote it And that doesn't help either Let me see if I can pull the record here Because what we'll try to do is see if I can find out who the publisher is because obviously when it comes to when it comes to sheet music it doesn't matter who writes that it's who publishes it And that's what it's all about So let's see what we can do on parrot This is a 78 at shellac Where are they going to tell me No they're not going to tell me the publisher Just says she's the writer and under the supervisor of Al Benson It's parrot numbers Yeah right And the flip side is Mabel blues But yeah so I guess the key would be to find a publisher first Okay But in the meantime you could probably just you know I'm sure I would bet that that song is on YouTube just go ahead and download it and make your own Yeah we're pretty good at playing by ear Albert especially He can pick things up especially on the harmonica blues harmonica and stuff like that Yep that's probably your best bet on something like that And I'll play the other mister fine for you next Okay Yeah we like that other song too that Skippy Brown so many days that was good too but mister fine That's his new nickname for Albert now mister fine I think you'll like the Bobby Smith record too Very different feel but I'll be curious to get your take on it when you hear it Yeah Okay well all my best wishes to help you figure this thing out or just get better real soon Yes thank you I sure appreciate that And thanks for calling Okay take care bye So yeah composite of which I still do have that but it probably doesn't matter if it's like 45 years old I save everything All right so Scottie anish Chicago welcome back to WGN Are you taking care of yourself You gotta keep doing what for laughs I'm trying And I want to thank you I mean I want to ask you a question You always meant to that you're doing this as a favor for a man who you owe a lot to Yes And if he asked you to jump you would jump you asked I had That's right And I want to thank that man who is I don't want to know him I just want to thank him So bringing you back to the air Well you just have because he usually listens and he's a fan of yours He's told me in the past that he loves your calls Well I love him because he did a lot bringing you back because you not only keeping Dubois You're keeping people alive You are talk show hot jokes Right Right And you listen to people That's very important And I want to also say you heard about prince Albert Yes and okay so I was talking about that earlier I called you to tell you he sailed out of court Right now so here's the thing Yeah I was mentioning this on the air Remember when Virginia Roberts Jeffrey said I'm not in it for money Well the hell should be right in it for money And they're not only lit He gave it for charity A nice donation Yeah right That was part of it And so they're talking about your charity but I don't care about the charity You can't tell me I'm not in it for money Didn't just rake in a fortune You know I mean that's the way it goes It must I mean how bad could that have event be when she was 17 It was certainly she didn't know at the time it was millions and millions of dollars Oh my God And also they said this man who was involved in accident I heard on David GM that they found him in the river Yes He was involved in accident and his mother kept color and she skips telling newspaper that she believes he had amnesia You know at work and he was just 24 years old and they say they found him in a river just bringing his rib with So if you don't have to worry in a more perceived scholar now the news media is leaving messages where the sun because he believes he adheres its wand and around There was Tommy Howe in Lake county Yeah Oh I didn't know his name I just heard on WGN interview It found him in the river Now the other one okay let's talk for a minute again about this fossil that they found or I guess I don't know what we'd call or the woman been dead for over two years But two years ago You know I thought it was a real old woman You say she would get 7 She was only 70 I saw a picture of her She did not look old at all Well they say she didn't have no relatives and no friends Here's the part that's been scaring me ever since this is and I didn't see it in today's articles but I did in yesterday's when the authorities said we are going to take steps to make sure this never happens again Right Yeah What kind of steps I mean that doesn't sound good does that mean breaking in without a warrant I don't know Just like you know every time they hear the heat wave they always say check on the air just check on the people who's alone Yeah But you don't hear back not to me you know they found a bunch of them dead and they mention it Right Well I'm just afraid of what steps they plan to take Again Yeah right I'm thinking oh God There goes privacy right And also the acronym understand okay and nobody's seen or they took it she had moved Okay I don't know how they do it here I don't know if they get mail but I mean if you get one zero people a day your mailbox will be running over Yeah.

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