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To see pictures of Albert and find out more about the work. He does visit our website the moth dot or do you have a story of a time you were put to the test and surprised yourself or when something totally unexpected happened. We'd love to hear it. Just go to our website and look for Tele story and you can find all the info for how to do it. My name is Barbara Stevens, well as Jews On May 1945 the The war in Europe was declared over, people over this country rushed to the centres of their towns and cities to celebrate. I was in New York City so happy that my brother, who was a pilot in Europe would no longer be in harm's way. I hadn't seen him and over two years I heard two times Square to be among the thousands of having strangers who are loving, hugging and kissing each other so happy everyone was. Celebrating the wars and in Europe. Suddenly I feel the hand on my left shoulder and turn to hug another stranger. It was no stranger. I know my brother, his boys said. It was my brother home from the war. He had landed the night being for New Jersey and heard the good news and rushed to times Square. What a miracle. Of us finding each other among tens of those people. My name is Jesse Johnson. I live in Seattle, but I grew up in pretty rural Wyoming and I was born on a dude ranch. My parents with the caretaker, and when I was a little kid, I had these horrible recurring nightmares. Of bison charging through the walls of my room. It was awful show that I had such horrible night terrors that my mother, amazing person she is. She went and wrote a book for me a picture book about how I Jesse tamed buffalo Bones, terrifying bison. And it worked. Totally three year old me turned me into having no more nightmares. Flash forward me years old in third grade, and I ride the bus to school and I am just I'm terrible on the bus. And I get in trouble. All the time of the mother keeps telling me if you get kicked off the bus, I have to ride your spike to school. It was 10 miles away, and I didn't listen and sure enough, I get kicked off the bus and they won. I'm writing down these old country road and come over the top of this rise. And I stop. And at the bottom of the hill, right in the middle of the road is this giant bison and there is no one around me at all anywhere. There's no curses early in the morning, and I'm looking at this thing. I'm looking for something and oh, my God. This is my fear pouring back at me And I remember. Remember this wonderful book about how I overcame that, and I stood there astride my bike. And stared down that this creature that was 20 times bigger than I am, and we made eye contact. And it took a long time and eventually it's snorted and tor off into the sage brush. And I rode like held a school and I was terrified. But but a book a book saved me. You can find out more about our pitch line and record your own story right on our website. Or you can call in by phone and tell it to us at 877799 month. That's 8777996684..

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