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Federal judge wants told them there's no such thing as medical marijuana now five spokane area pa growers may have their federal convictions overturned a group who became known as the kettle falls fired were part of a medical marijuana cooperative their grow was legal under washington law that became a test case for the conflict between state law and federal law marijuana remains prohibited under federal law now they have appealed their convictions and his wilkins spokesmanreview says federal prosecutors there to the government should not have spent the money to try those five itc cannot continue to spend money on the appeal prosecutors also say a 15yearold seattle boy was killed because his attackers thought he was carrying marijuana calls eric heights an eighteen year old seattle man and three juveniles are suspected of killing derek warriors lopez the boy was attacked in a west seattle park in september and later died at harborview medical center the 18yearold was arrested tuesday and his bail set at seven hundred fifty thousand dollars the seattle times supports he's expected to be formally charged friday it's not known if the three juveniles are in custody detect could say a 17yearold girl led the victim to the park so we could be robbed but the robbery got out of hand and that's when warren's lopez was stabbed eric heintz komo news a let store the blue through western washington yesterday a last eating knocked out power to more than fifty four thousand customers there are still about five thousand people in the dark as of a couple of moments ago brian jones was in a barber shop in kent when the weather turned wild toyed is here a cracking and allowed crazy noise we didn't know what it was a big tree about this bigger al fell down behind that what if down hit the wires organic create attention on the wires which snapped that telephone pole and a half though liz at fell down on the road livewires draped over a woman's car trapped her inside police told her to stay put till the high voltage lines were energized and she was able to safely drive away at that one intersection and cared about seven cars ended up being damaged from fallen limbs that crashed down on them fifty member local strike team that was.

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