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And all the doughnuts. It's about half an hour from it switched out of the Tobin Bridge. Kristen back on them Operate Insurance Copter. I'm Laurie. Granted WBC's traffic on the three actually see some sunshine to start the day today here in Boston will be good quickly covered up by some clouds. And as we start our engines this morning, it is just 19 degrees here in Boston, But winter storm warnings and advisories are being posted throughout much of the state. They go into effect tonight and continue through much of the duration of this upcoming winter storm. We're expecting the snowflakes to start flying here in greater Boston overnight tonight, picking up in intensity just in time for the morning commute tomorrow, and the snow will fly for much of the day tomorrow, and when it's all said and done, much of the area will be dealing with at least Off foot of snow, so snow shovels and snow blowers will be cranked up and ready to go and and utility companies serve getting set as well. Once this system moves out of here, it's back to some sunshine. And cold temperatures are going to be hanging around as we get towards the upcoming weekend with temperatures little bit warmer than they are now we'll get to around freezing by them that will feel downright balmy. Right now. It's 19 here in Boston. And partly cloudy skies six. So six we have been talking about this major winter storm for days and power companies. Yes, a lot of lead time They're getting ready. WBC's Chris Mama tells us they're preparing for the worst, hoping for the best and offering a word to the wise and important factor to keep in mind when talking about power outages. They don't only impact the lights. Some natural gas heating system certainly can be impacted and affected by a power outage. And there are steps you can take during the storm to help preserve your service. It's very important for our customers. To keep all their meters and their outdoor events clear of any snow in any ice build up, But please remove it carefully Ever, sources read Lamberti suggest you use your hands or broom to gently clear away any access powder or ice And if natural gas supplies your heat, remember if you smelled gas in your home or business immediately leave and call 91 once and then give us a call. Remain outside until we clear the scene. Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's NewsRadio. Timing is everything with this storm as it hits in the peak of the holiday shopping and shipping season that acts and ups are turning some retailers away from deliveries, pushing them instead to the U. S. Postal Service. And pushing the post office to the brink. There are some fears that the storm could slow down delivery of the Corona virus vaccine to hospitals throughout the East Coast. Time is of the essence for that, as well. Those vaccines need continuous storage and arctic like temperatures fall out from Thanksgiving still being felt across Massachusetts daily coronavirus cases have doubled. Here in this state in the weeks since the kickoff to the holiday season, and now Governor Baker is telling people to keep Christmas in the family this year. Good news, though The FDA approves the first ever at home Rapid covert test This one works with no doctor prescription and no lab work, either. The new test will be available next month and costs about 30 box. Time to dig some of your favorite holiday sweaters out of the attic.

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