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Shouted to Andy Phipps. aloke seeing them shutouts handicaps among big old boy. See that guy and a couple in about five weeks huby here. We're GONNA fucking fuck the more you ever hear. Tom Said we hear that did not. Oh High Bar yeah. I love that scene so much. That's the only thing I love hallmark. Thomas Watch right fucking so good. Yeah yea you guys have any movie recommendations watched over this week or something. What do we got well? We watched the staircase me Tom. And cody the light is the lighthouse. The staircases the guy's crazy I was you. Lighthouse the lighthouse. Yeah it looks good to Willem Defoe and Robert Robert Pattinson from AH black and white film it takes place in the late. Eighteen hundreds at a lighthouse us on an island in New England. Yeah and it's a really old lower lighthouse keeper and a young kind of maintenance helper upper easily traveler vagrant needed a fresh dot okay and it was good. It was really good. It's funny I ended up watching another movie by the same director called the witch. ooh right afterward which was also. I mean just in the theme of Holiness Halloween here and everything I like it came out in two thousand fifteen. It was really good Netflix. Yeah Okay Otis on Netflix Netflix. On the witch you know. What's crazy crazy is? I fucking rented it on Amazon Prime and then he is on Netflix and I watched on Amazon prime. And then I was like I WanNa Watch the witch again. As I'm scrolling through Netflix it comes up as recommending. You Mother Idiots. I was like it was here the whole time. They got good notice. Search like all four war of your movie streaming plaster email. You just created a NAP boy. He just created an APP. That you're right. Maybe rich the socks because so how can you. How do you owe me and then it takes you to your APP right? Well we we gotTA stop that raise. Exactly Yeah well thanks for joining welcome to episode fifty four. I was GonNa ask you the Guy who did the witch also do who hereditary no. That's just the same production company. Yeah Predator eight twenty four production company. No no sorry. The hereditary. Terry Well Terry was our astor midsummer. Yeah and then this other Guy Robert eggers did which and Lighthouse uh-huh and that was really scary. Pick they have cool shake scary house. No no that was Oscar okay. I'M SCARED ME I. I thought it was going to be scary movie. But it's not the lighthouse yeah hereditary was was very scary. Have you guys watched the joker yet. Yeah no me. Neither I thought you guys should see it. It's good recommendations from one to four. What do you recommend our eight four? All right we got good reveals three point. Seven stars out of four was just our own review system. It's just one out of three one out of three. It's a seven and we're always over time so you never know the twitter account we ray dogs. Yeah and it's always like like This dog is fourteen hundred ten. It's like this is a dog is like says something about the dog guy. Water Doc is just like the dog could just be like sitting outside of building a New Yorker like. This dog is also a doorman. We talk about twelve hundred ten. So they're always so regenerating the dog the dog in the photo would boop boop and thus we're giving him a thirteen out of ten. Yeah I like the fact that it's it's always it's always over ten. Yeah just like why. They're so good remained voice. And it's like it's like kind of thirteen eighteen year talking precise right. It's like wow. I totally agree. That's thirteen right. That's good molly loves that. Yeah that's Super Fund or shutter. We write dogs New Book 'cause it's not we rape dogs because that's a totally different account. Follow rate with T- ooh Qatar. Weird turn so dark we rape dogs. That's wonder why they gaetano thirteen hundred. We don't this is ray with careful what you say out of ten Jewish for Holy Shit. You guys are sick and the headman hate when that stuff happens. That's all I know. I've only known one thing in my life is a. You guys are smug sick so so I can pooper her per boo Halloween. I know you love it into work a costume contest. Today it was great it was pineapple express with two other. Co Workers. Did you is wearing something we did not. We didn't yeah. Yeah Yeah who won the two people dressed up as has the twin sisters from the shining. Was it good. Yeah the costumes were spot on. They had like all this fake blood on them and shit which is awesome. I'll show you a picture school. who were the three characters and Pineapple Express Dale Denton Myself Saul silver? which was James Franco? Oh which somebody from another graphic designer played the person on your right on here. Yeah Yeah that was the James Franco. Yes and then the other one was Tom Cruise. That was copywriter. Guy's super funny. He read Danny McBride with a neck. Brace yeah exactly. Oh yeah when he goes through has trying to get my mother the focus scholarship. Yeah and you were one. He's dealing with Rogan's character. You've been served. I made across joint joint. I got I got you. You were crossing that join Doug. I can't stand. It was a real joint. Now that would have been even is just paper pretty good. It's tight I'll make you on a real one though L.. Make sorry I keep the dragon with a cross joint Saturday night. Let's to to wild things. He's right Saturday night. I already got compromising on a night. He doesn't come out much. nope not to watch fights. Add a crib at somebody's like residents residents. He wants to be able to you know if he needs to put his feet up. He's able to do so if he wants to. A little bit more ice cubes in his drinking and get up and do it himself. There's no venue going to use the bathroom. He knows exactly where it is. He knows where his car is if he needs to run onto his car and grab something able to do so. That's what the what with the dragons all about so. I'm going to be the first one at your house on Saturday. You'll be there at four thirty. I'll be there at six so come whenever I'm working till five. I want all right great man. I'll see you when you get out of the shower. I'll be downstairs and I'll be there like it'd be naked it and we don't have to worry if we need anything to eat. We can go across the street or we can go to sexy toys. Whatever you want? We'll bring over some steaks and stuff perfect all right great so I'll see he this weekend and we'll see all of you next week for episode Fifty Five Wednesdays between in good night..

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