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The damn excited. They whether whether the young is signed off on or actually every foster that going well you know he plays a great and some of the others in the movement of the board and how quickly gets across the page and how much the pitchy covers. But that you feel that then slows things down. And he's kind of being drawn on into that and I I think I think that's quite the questions that he's down oriented the upper y round And you know this is the hall of this whole founded by about Boston is it. This is supposed to be identified by. Its midfield on a cool sold now. It's not clear. Exactly what about back midfielders reconcile and play diabate now also Outside of Dallas played in a lot of get very angry about that. But I think you know if you if you said your hair and I'll I'll sort of people wouldn't see. The image is so radically radically known buffalo. I I really think that they kind of look at them and he can look at him. He looks not he's apple about when in fact we're going to talk about about things like pricing on the intention usable. He has some of those qualities. Abbas done on the guy who bites eight people is legitimate Barcelona People Barcelona player right so yeah let's not be. Let's not some of the Dallas hair. Well I mean it. Have you seen that by the white have you seen. The footage of a little kid has been a couple of weeks ago now. Ninety strong very very good isn't it. I mean I I would. I must confess frightening the talk Sunday. Valencia against Real Madrid. We really curious to see. How did you finished a one? One draw late equaliser Komo Madrid. I was really curious to see with a view towards classical. All right what sedan GONNA do. How's he gonna mix things up Gareth Bale on the bench? He ended up dropping dropping CASA. MITO and I'd love to know whether he's being rested ahead of the classic go and if so what the impact is and and playing the system which is almost like like a diamond was East Cohen. Moderate sort of creating involved in front of the back four. What'd you make it i? Do we read anything into that. Yeah I mean the CATHARINA. Why is very simple simple? which is a Kashmiri's on four yellow cards and he didn't want to risk getting the fifth and the suspension of missing class? That tells you that tells you a hundred percent. He plays the plastic traffic. So it was not much arrest as a precaution. You right you got. Does that mean my man but does not that means that customarily plays a plastic. Oh this is my guest right. Joel Casamayor replacing classic cruise plays the classic. Oh and I suspect one all martyrdom of other classic and then he'll put another midfielder and now the question there is either of monitoring for across the middle. Does he try and try. Try and kind of often placing that although the apple my case go so that you go back to that slot the diamond shape. You're talking about your own. Almost their four three one to Sedan is curious the way these are backing because he's goes position doesn't naturally exist in Madrid statements when he plays he's behind the force but then he'll go wide a bit then. I try and get in the midst of it and I personally think it's go get it wrong. Even though he's eight very good flag at the wrong when he comes through from wants to be too involved but yeah yesterday was curious. The picnic thing that was I was really struggling with how high motorist by walking with your diamond thing. It was more squared and a diamond to and to but it but it also meant the stem the left hand side net show was in incredibly advanced positions. He was one of their out boys and he was getting lots of crosses into the box. Sure match the play in that position. He now he's definitely not bow cool yet. At least they they had very little choice. They had five million and and Ma settle out the the choice really was doing that show Middletown. The theory actually originally was going to be many times because he's a little bit stronger. That little bit more aggressive matches being injured not quite a lot as an apple but not by them before and it doesn't look like a quick look at that guys Natalie. Lucky very very quick. Quite good Yes yeah yeah absolutely no not to roll that we had before and so given how he paid you the eight. I wouldn't be surprised to see him. Get the saw in the class go. Now I saw Valencia tied up in knots for long stretches especially In the second half earlier on like one of those Games where Rama Dre if i John Dominic made a great save from Tony Cross. I think it was and then another one but it felt as if Rao Madrid. The their heads are numbered in the second half. I don't know you tell me was it. Valencia kicking it up an aunt or was it. Yeah Autumn which is thought with really really good and they've had fought six shot inside ten or fifteen minutes they they could be dominated positioning. It was a moment in the first talk. When when Messiah side I I wouldn't call it whistling in the sense of you? Know in the Gareth file and there was this kind of whistling of frustration whistling of fear. Right this largest completely overwhelming now almost precisely the point when that happened which is about twenty five minutes in was the moment took a step up now. I don't think I'd go so far tape. Length did took control in the first half or things like I'm back into the second off that can keep it felt like this was the moment of the teams that kind of defined by suplies for as long suspends them all the outstanding player on the pitch. It was Madrid leaving the game. And then when Donnie Darko saw gang holds a guy in particular very very and so to take you back to your question about customers a lot of the question what was done was we get. You didn't WanNa read customer. But the point in which you were risking the game. It was his case. You will you not. I'm to put him on. Because it's all well and good protecting for the Classic Code if you get the Messiah you still drop three point Off In the end they away of it but yeah I thought blenders that is responsible for ten minutes with ten minutes to fall. They were accurate window. The two games. When I'm watching the Games I would still say Rao? Madrid's it's performance at. Valencia was better than Barcelona's associated. That's a yeah I'd agree with you and you look at Boston as the former now. Obviously Look Matthew big kind of flashing caveat the ALA areas but the class goes to the camp note. But you look at performance of why this season and they've largely been awful and I think that's continuously the case and yeah. I think it will come through this and feel like they. Yes they could have lost. Yes they call. Saddam called jewelry. They deserve and they would have wanted more. I think you're right. I think the within the kind of the emotional impact of this is probably much against the KLAPKA feeling. Pretty good not least because not if you get a drawer Wi fi reasonably wealth. The property five minutes the guy makes the whole game but then of course you get that laughing equalised which gives you a huge boost stewart. I WANNA drive my question you because obviously the equalizer for those who haven't seen it comes off a corner kick Tibo courtois is up. He jump see heads the ball down garage Kinda just loses loses his marbles and the ballpark's Benza. My who's very quick and captain I can put into the roof of the net. But here's my question when you have a guy like Tibo bill courtois and this might be way too far out of the box and this Giving your old school this will upset you but if I have a Doodoo six foot six six foot seven a guy who you can I mean he. He's like a kangaroo right jump anyway wants right. He's an incredible athlete. I'm wondering what what if teams didn't use this. Just like a last ditch resort to send the goalkeeper up. If you have a courtrai. Wouldn't WANNA do Jordan Pickford Is it something that will wreak havoc everybody on the other end freaks out and if if the goal keep became a good header of the pulpit after president. There's another technique and hitting the ball. You still gotta get Simon at the jumped. Seventy differences did that though on that occasion. But how many times have you seen goalkeepers go up. They get nowhere near like commits a foul. Then then they get nowhere near the bowl. They don't Eh you well if I do get the head on it if you learn how to mix things out if you could learn and you and it became a single take free-kicks and do very well. I'm sure it could be used. But he'd have to be absolutely outstanding because the risk would far outweigh the advantages. Said you on board with this. There's a there's a couple of you know there are a couple of things. Well I think I think there are three things that were said last night which fade into this right. In terms of the usefulness of twelve been this number one is cool to himself and he says look unto maintenance told a when I go up if pregnancy. You know when you think about not they get worried about crime and simple England and all the time. He came off the bench. I took you guys forever to learn this. But every team in in the world including Germany all of a sudden their pants because the giant was coming off the bench. Yeah Yeah on Minimu- truth in that and I think that's about all I cool for this type sauce. Ponder on very well clearly is very good judging that crosses coming and he says well off the game that he knew what Khanna's delivery Tony Cruz was gonNA put in so that that's one thing two other elements that go with it. One is himself. which is I often off the game? You know what what did you think when cool twelve went up and obviously it was his idea so overseas you something. There's no plan as such but still plan because I love this quote unquote for the game. He said He said also they schooled. I was standing there in the goal thinking about south. This is slipping away from us. All we can do now is keep stocking becomes and hope that the corner in the ninety minutes. Exactly what happened now. Now the on the on the final quote foot is called himself colorful at the Valencia midfielder. Who says off the game when he goes up because he doesn't have Mauka now? We're not set up tomorrow. Plan because authorized offensive operations are not designed to kind of being kept in Volk having a an an attacking golden in the penalty area. I think you can add to that. A couple of other things look at the players that are involved in the move supposedly jumps from his Jeffrey Bill. Come on as the light subcommittee..

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