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When I tell you, my team and I have worked on this. We're prepared for this. We've got the legal chops to deal with this. And we will make sure that every eligible vote is counted in an expeditious manner as possible. We're seeing a record number of people were quest mail in ballots across the state. It stands at just over two million people have requested mail in doubt. That's roughly what was requested. The primary, albeit it was a primary. That was not all that contested on either side. There was some races. You mentioned one the other generals race before. Obviously the general is going to be contested. We anticipate that it'll be at least three million votes, and that you know, could be cast by mail. Just to put that into some perspective for you, Marty in 2016. The last time I ran in the last time there was a presidential race. The total number of votes cast right around 6,000,003 million votes cast by Mail that half the votes and so there has to be a process to get them counted expeditiously and beat back an illegal attempts to stop them from being counted because there just is valid. As someone who shows up and vote at the polls on election Day. And so this notion that on election night You know that the ballot box will say one thing. But all these votes will be on Count Ryan, one candidate will use as an advantage over the other to create chaos. That's just not something we should Allow or tolerate something. We need to be prepared for his Pennsylvanians toe. Understand? Going thinking we're here. Hey, I gotta ask you something on a personal note. I watched you last night. You crossed it on 60 minutes. What did the kids think? Ah, big daddy being on 60 minutes where they impressed or do they want to watch SpongeBob? What did they think so? Oh, man. It was so funny. So we have four kids, You know that? So I said, Come on. You gotta watch Dad on 60 minutes, So we sit down on the couch. And we turn on. And my 11 year old son was thrilled that I was not on because the football game and gone And by the way was a hell of a chief's game anyway. Long story Short, chief Choose game ends and my kids start trouble. Magnet weighs minutes is about to start. And so my Max, who's 11 years old, they're dead. You understand? Everybody in America just turned off their TVs from the football game's over. No one's gonna watch as well. But it's like 60 minutes, people, people really watch that show. You think that I don't think anybody's watching. That was a great football game. They're going to go have dinner now. So that's what I get in my house. Not not a whole lot of respect, but it's cool. That keeps me humble. Almost your brother, frankly. Thanks. Kids aren't supposed to care about 60 minutes. We're supposed to care about football. So fantastic job If you need anything from us, sir, let me know. I will. Thanks for thanks for devoting so much attention that making sure people vote and again whoever therefore just it's good that they're getting out there and engaging in our democracy and you'll stay safe. We'll talk to you soon. All right, Attorney General. Thank you, sir. Fantastic brother Power. Bowser Shaver Lake. Hey, Marty. We're doing very well on the major roadways. I'm looking over the inbound side of 51 everything moving along nicely. We Joe. Some cars joined.

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