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Which is sad which ted williams yeah raise in this is an interesting john wayne bobbitt yeah okay on youngest one guys above the other uh john wayne in a new name how okay so i don't ted said eight john's a six and a half or seven i dunno i remember the name red sox that's that's a day know you know the names i know that that's that's the sad part by answer by the way where we started this one as we wrap it up here tom brady while you might say he's the most valuable player in team sports of the last fifty years i say now he's not even the first quarterback aaron rodgers over him ride i don't i don't know that i'd want aaron rodgers over him in one game the to win one particular game um well no actually sorry i'm venezia mbomo they're gone the other board shutting down back forty in this super bowl fifty two week adam corolla dave damage schick podcast one sports out take a walk in the dark side del shannon was attempting a comeback even though shannon's career was about to be rekindled he suffered from severe bouts of depression and on february ninth 1990 took out a shotgun and took his own life shannon was unaware that he had just been selected to take the late roy or persson's place in the superstar banned the traveling will breeze take a walk on the dockside rocking nitz legend in curses not 'adelante night ends.

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