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Last three years but i it's been it's been quarter run but in a you just can't be competitive every year that's just not the nfl nine point game wha what are you doing here the packers going to cover that one you know what i'm usually big on the home dogs and the bigger the spread that the more i'm on board uh and i think maybe we got a little tipped off in the in the first meeting between these two teams over i'm only coming out his act together the fourth quarter in a granted they were able to put any points on the board but um he makes things interesting in the fourth quarter so i think of the packers hang around i don't know that probably won't win i think there's there could be some coverage there well the last time that if if significant home finale was played at lambeau field the circumstance ethic reports different but you have the packers could not improve or hurt their poilce stanbic so matt what got the starting quarterback gary becker heavy the discussion i don't wanna watch the backup play at the back of the unemploy i get it i understand but i want to see a good game yatta yatta well baffling goes up for white bulger sixty yards and six touchdowns it history is written at lambeau field so you give there never know i guess what you expect it look on that project that cloudy for red hung yeah but football is a weektoweek sorta league and i know the vikings atop the play for here but we'll just go back to the pittsburgh anna who thought that would have down to a second field goal absolutely so a you know but for bread hotly it it's more about just getting wraps in in another opportunity here to just you know get comfortable being a quarterback and we talk about this on packers game day on.

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