Oxytocin, Solana, Amazon discussed on No Agenda - 931: 'Putin's Playbook'


Which he also discussed is it ottis toes oxy cotton kotan i'm not sure now oxytocin but his oxytocin it said ends eyes and earn points in not an enzyme but it's a um hormone and it is used to you by it over the counter on amazon it's the love drug and its solana's rely if you look it up on know if he is smart is like an ecstasy affect if you look it up on amazon you can read about it there or you can read about it anywhere you read about it in the wicket but it's it's with the idea was you take it too little nasal inhalant you you you meet up with somebody boats take a shot at this you fall in love and or lease your amenable at least you can put up with each other one of the group but the modern research with this stuff which has been kolak sorts of things has is got a little twisted the end which i think is definitely worth knowing it and this is the oxy torsion story cringe oregon it's officially the grew fused hormone on earth abuse aussitot sent by now famous it causes bonding between mothers and infants and pair bonding between monogamous couples and it makes you more expressive and emotionally sensitive and more cooperative and more charitable and more cross thing and i need to get me some of this stuff a whole new horrifying fueled of neuroscience called neuro marketing where a few spirits oxytocin up people's noses the're more likely to believe all sorts of gibberish nonsense home my god this is fantastic john.

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