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Were invited to play the kits tent at the telluride bluegrass festival i am not making this this is true sean sarah and i were in a cowboy music face them singing singing all the western hits oh oh hold the ball except none of our voices a changed yet so it was one night well the oh okay that's enough for them it's easy man they look at the idea that 11yearold self mines quite a ham maybe even more than thirty five you're actually got to me bill monroe backstage at the festival that year yes and he asked me to play for him but neither of us had our mandolins with us who should come to the rescue but sam bush the king of telluride so this is the kind of thing that happens in colorado i got to play a bill monroe song four bill monroe unsaved ships mandala this is what i picked and then bill says that that's nice boy what's his there and i said that that your song mr monroe that's kentucky mandolin against i thought to that's good so help at another but that's mighty fumble did did i read that song as well i don't think you did actually will it's a good song anyways cute and he handed me a quarter as he was wanted to do he would he would go up to a little kid and just hand the kid a quarter mental in song to not have been in colorado abandoned love haven't been here since i've been in love with colorado ever since just just ignore that a colorado gave me such a warm welcome when i arrived on thursday not literally warm mind you it was freezing but that half inch of pre thanksgiving snow felt so i took my mind right off all the insanity of the past couple of weeks we know okay winner and it got me thinking about the holidays coming up what are you doing for thanksgiving family yes your.

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