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Met A pay Peyman pilot in Encino California. It's a check that came in. Daniel Pope. I'm sorry. Nathaniel Pope Sixty. Berry Bob Bon Bon office boniface. First donation, deducing and JR e finder. In you've been. Like this. Found, the show through the Joe Rogan experience. Wish I'd known about the show a long time ago. Thanks all right man. You can listen to all of them. It only take you I think if you listen to all of them back to back eighteen or nineteen months nonstop twenty four hours a day. He donated fifty five, fifty five from Newport News Virginia Mark. Mishmash Houston. I think. A! Myth Mahajan. Make Moore housing that sounds a double Mickelson the diamond, a request for A. Do! Some! Of the Canadian Woods, we know he doesn't Nia Dido she fifty five ten, but he's got A. Birthday vertical to his dad F, Cancer Carmen. Let's do that right now? I'd like to do those. You've got Karma speaking of remember the dog, the dog, the dog. The Dog Marines the dog. Oh, yeah, so like really bad news. His son, who is my age, I think maybe a little younger. Passed away of cancer this week. The Hell Matt even know that his. His name is mark. I didn't know who sick. It's crazy, so F- cancer for that too dammit. Matthew Gully in in the Planes Ellen Oi. fifty five ten Harry Pilgrim in Fredericksburg Virginia. Yes fifty five ten. UW S in Pacific northwest city five dollars. He said makes the beans deducing got it. Fish. Deduce. Karma. Karma at the. Role that you know what he does say. He's a fan from the daily source code dates, so he was also killed another podcast listening to the show. And then he says this which we don't agree with people this. You should never say this I don't agree with everything you say. This is my, would you, but if you say y'all then, it's not quite as bad. We slipping a y'all. Of course you don't want to agree if you come looking to agree, that's not a good idea. That you go to the Democrats. But Inter interesting. In the history of this show, where did we get our first producers from our first listeners before we call them producers? We got him from twit. Right right, and then we. We got still as many as we could. We got a lot from daily source code, and now we get them from D. H. unplugged is no doubt. People over here all the time. And and Joe Rogan, so it's a grind merica. I have to do the job I really. WanNa do Merrick. Here's the problem. The show was Wednesday. Night is the worst possible night for me. They'll. They'll record you anytime you want. That has not been offered to me. I've only received coming, do it Wednesday. Can we do it Wednesday? I'm like no. I think it was assumed. I okay? Thanks for reading my email, but no this like Wednesday the. At ten PM or something. I looked at your email came to my sister. Well reply for me then Willie and get me different date so I could do it. I can do don't have to do it live. That's harder with all that gibberish. You spoke about at the beginning of the show nowadays. you know it's SM. Do I can't remember the code words, but then Google won't let me because when your email comes through my system. I really have I tried responding to a couple of times, but I get a rejection message from the agency Yes, of course you Chris. Chris Grimaud grumble. Grumble I'm thinking. Oh Not Jake not jake. We've got him. Fifty, four thirty to Chris Cuomo at Kingston New York, Fifty, four Chris Wilson and Merrick Ville New South Wales, D, three twenty six gates, that is Circus Wilson. Oh that is oh. Yes. Wilson to you and I Chris Wilson. Michael Gates fifty to eighty Eric Tom, Mason fifty one fifty. Jessica Gomez in San. Antonio Fifty one twenty, these are fifty, fifty one twenty. Oh, that's that's that's no I emailed you about this. That is five one twelve local. That was the the meal. Plenty yeah. I didn't get your email It came in with a bunch of spam. Shut up all your get sand full of it. You don't get spam Caught. Busted Travis W from San Antonio same thing you twenty juror can to fifty one twenty. All same best podcast. These were all these. Juror which is the way I pronounce it I, think. fifty one one Scott Nelson Sir Scott Nelson in Melbourne Florida. fifty-one, a one, fifty or a halfback. I'm sorry. Rene taback smell. That's Rene to buck. An aide about MEPU-. Thank you today. Mary, that's fifty. These are all fifty dollars, donors, name and location with Mary Hoey. Laura, Marino and Goldens Bridge New York Patrick comber. Christopher Rivera and Break. At the media should have been Jonathan Mayer and Xenia Ohio Edward Missouri is a Sir Memphis. Joel. De Ruin I'm sure as a certain Bakersfield. Ryan summer in Stevenson Beach. and. itchy kindergarten and Barron Allen being in tiger issue courses in San, Francisco, now there was one of the donations that was earlier that I it should have been in red. I don't know if I didn't play it, but it was from Doug. Wheeler Nashville Ohio. At the read this note, please accept my first donation after many years of listening and he's a douching. You've been. TV. and. He's got a few DOUCHEBAG callouts. Okay well, he put a special Murray needs a dish bag. Call Old Buddy, Tony. The next one. That was the same guys Tony Mike Konczal winkler okay. Got A double douchebag. Mike and Curtis I beat the Rona Han, sug-. Put at the NF Sharpton claim as we go along. Thanks, keep it up, so that had to be read. You got the forty nine dollar read off of the first names. is enough wasn't it was the Karen of forty nine I thought it was a different number. No, it's forty nine. Oh, okay, so that's the Karen Haight. Yeah Karen Hate. We hate Karen and we got one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine ten eleven twelve. It's at the point where it could be discontinued any minute. Alison Richard Robert Mickey Kevin Texture Colin David Jimmy Paul. Vergara Recu Sake,.

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