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Kick off hurricane season i'd beat her king it's not a win it's the water people are no longer dying from wins there primarily drowned in national hurricane center's jamie rome says the big killer is storm surge wind pushing water inland his specialty recent work shows that fifty percent of the lives lost in this nation historically speaking are from storm surge last year was the first for a storm surge warning system and a rarity with no storm surge deaths we get email from people who are looking at these maps and asking questions and clearly some people doing it but not enough peter king cbs news lakeland florida the kansas city suburb of shawnee is apologizing after gop gubernatorial candidate appeared in a parade in a jeep with what appeared to be a large gun mounted on the back there were audible gasps at the sight of secretary of state chris co back in the vehicle a spokesman for kodak says the gun was a replica at the city apologized for those who felt unsafe pam coulter cbs news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boss and saying i quit as we go back the gateway to your own passed if you wish i can find the time war again welcome to the time warp sunday request show here's.

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