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Is dangerous check out the three one Kevin Hart in the building we talking about the book about how you walked in on a comedian can offer trees only of yes right the trees okay Patrice Oneal you need a place to stay so at the time I was living in LA I had a two bedroom apartment he stay in there I'm like do you come and go as you want ma'am I acts with outlook we just out and about during the day and she's I I well I'm going with my girls as I would you go ahead and go back to the grave I walk in this quiet juries you hair okay nothing right it's not going to back it is in a back room where you feel like you know go give me a second give me a second I was like what he's call may give me a second the move outside baby oil on top of if you call me I know you will be only first of all he's discussing his he vanished what about this store they have to not to tell nobody knew so no as your friend I'm going tell everyone that will now and this is what he wants and heaven smiling right now he will want me to tell us the world's most dangerous morning show we'll be back in minutes it's the breakfast club one oh five one it will be if so we my queen I didn't make money we can he called the yes we want to hear from you hello one and I just want to talk about the features as it relates to the drug you know by young man had one of my office a couple weeks ago and thank god the young lady dina because you know what to do because I had no idea exactly pass on my own accord to plant the thought thank you but it was directly related to drug use because you just started having them as adults for understanding you know you can't when you use these drugs you just can't stop using them just like that because something like that you know can happen so I'm really what I don't understand we make use of these drugs they got understand it has in the back and I'm not going to have you know that was that was the cause of the young man you know that the drug use but those users of very very real as I locked inside outside we don't know what to do for them because I don't even know if you can't talk about when they have a one because I thought if I know it no.

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