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But he he really soured me because I kept picking him and he kept DNA and I think he hurt you had something wrong shoulder or something. And I just kept going back to the well, the well was dry and. I don't know that I can come back from that. Yet. I think that's still maybe our I'm giving you shit Paul but I do like a five Dan do you I picked my team. I like to call it a five I like master pulling eleven and I have savant right now at a two but depending on Redlin I really like I think that he could be a great pick out of thirteen. Is There Mike's Anstey? No. I. I Yeah I I think again is a guy that you want to pick this weekend because I don't think he'll be double points next weekend I. Think he'll. He'll be in the top eight. Send tickle everybody. Well I might not go Wilson because I think. Racing because he's also on your team one hundred percents. I don't know enough about MAC honestly I haven't been in California to see him ride. I don't know anything about it. I I have and I don't I don't think you know the top ten personally you're not there yet you're not there. No I haven't been impressed at all sandbox for sure we he's going to be good at those. Florida. Or noren. Both on Suzukis. Both not from America. That's all I got I. I think northern over over Max just from really. From my experience of why? He was eighth in points. You think do you think northern would've won last year? I'm talking about this weekend Loretta Lynn. No, but you understand why it's surprising me. Yeah Yeah. Yeah, I'm with Dan I. Think I think Noren Beats Max. Wow really really really well, you know what? This this pope mix fantasy podcast is a history of shitting on fast Freddie..

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