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Han went up weather and we have the clip somewhere and we all need to play it but she goes up with the agent dave harvey comes out in his bathrobe and glares at the woman for showing up where do we need declared you hope and now turn sexual harassment i think so so let's listen to this story about michigan state university and two two anecdotes amongst all these women they collected i think those on cbs not sure but this was nasser m s you one prime possibly last tiled will ever assault 15yearold am i and miller was one of the youngest people to read her statement she saw nasser monthly for five years iraqi sports medicine carson me for those appointments front honesty marketing build for appointments side of sexually assaulted today a michigan state university spokesperson said patients of nasser will not be build ms you has been criticized for their handling of complaints against nassar at this one i wanted to separate out because they were billing the girls i guess you're on a athletic program for university and you're getting build for added normal medical guide that's their dispose the czech you out to make sure you're you know you're healthy i don't know that sis is beyond me so i would add dish still getting build apparel and they do even though they say they're not going to get built okay so this the big clip two is the one has got the important info ms you has been criticized for their handling of complaints against nassar we sat down with four athletes treated at ms hugh among the survivors providing victim statements during nasser's sentencing hearing gymnasts larizza boys says in 1997 when she was sixteen she complained to ms you coach kathy clay gifts that she suspected nasser was abusing her came back in the real inside and file something but there's going to be very serious consequences for both new and dr nassar and i said why don't wanna get anybody on travel i just felt humiliated i felt silenced i felt embarrassed coach klay gives was suspended and then resigned from him as you less february our lawyers declined to respond to cbs news citing ongoing litigation storms are so.

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