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Radio Dan sportsmen and our old friend mark Malone because they will be coming to you from Lake Tahoe that Tahoe the American century golf championship with Steph curry and Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake and lots of athletes lots of celebrities you can see it on golf channel and N. B. C. over the weekend and so they'll be doing a lot of interviews taping want interviews bring it back for you so they will fill the airwaves tomorrow and Friday morning we will be back with you on Monday morning is PFT continues its hiatus Mike Florio and Chris Simms enjoying some well deserved time off so we had the home the home run derby Monday which was terrific we have the all star game last night in Cleveland which was not nearly as terrific but ended up as a one run games for three American League wins its seventh year in a row they've only lost three times in the last twenty three all star games I was actually an L. winning three in a row in between this seven game win streak and a thirteen year period where they never lost they went twelve in one yes there was the tie in to know about that one America we had a six game winning streak not that long ago and the national a not that long ago had an eleven game win streak in one nineteen of twenty so it seems like for whatever reason one way or another is on a is on a winning streak overall it's very close in the mid summer classic forty five forty three to to you know the step two all star games in one season stats in the early sixties I didn't know that there are a couple guys where I was like how this guy makes so many all star game Santa weird weird wild stuff anyway last night I think the story line to the game was a year after last year there were ten home runs there only to so Justin Verlander you know talking about the ball being Jews I mean he did his job but the and all down in order in the first inning you can hit the ball out of the park if you don't hit the ball and the American way you had sixteen strikeouts nine different pitchers each all go in one inning saying beaver work the fifth inning he's a Indian was actually a late addition to the roster struck outside the end up with the MVP William antics of the ETS truck outside the sixth and rolled Chapman struck out side of the night and so sixteen strikeouts in the AL wins it for three with Bieber the MVP soldier what kind of grade would you give this game it wasn't in a it wasn't and I have got a be mine this type of game I give it to be a solid B. and I think a lot of that comes from the stuff they did around the game I loved loved loved the players being miked up during the game on the field during at bats it was fantastic it gave us a window into baseball we don't normally have so they did it Freddie Freeman at the plate in the first inning facing Justin Verlander he was terrific he was funny he struck out on four pitches he never swung the bat and he's talking to Joe Buck and and John Smalls as he's at the plate they had Cody Bollinger and Christian yell it's in the field they've combined for sixty one home runs first half the season they're going to battle it out for the M. V. P. probably the rest of the way so that was good and they had three members of the Astros who are all in the field the same time Alex Bregman Michael Brantley and George Springer so teammates kind of talking amongst each other I agree I liked it but you'll couple hours ago we took it to a place that I don't not in not in favor of and I don't think we're ever going to see you they they should do this in the regular season of that include like Freeman last night where he was at the plate yes to be talking to the announcers while you're at the plate I would do it regular season playoffs World War let's say you're Seattle Mariners go ahead let's say they're important game which is a stretch I understand that is the bottom of the ninth inning and the bases are loaded and out steps I don't know name America I can't think of one is image janitor still on the team not Mitch fanning or come to the plate and he's talking to the announcers while he's well he's trying to get a hit to win the game any strike cell while he's talking to announcer got a problem with that stress they have made the playoffs since two thousand one war this was their chance and unfortunately had occur struck out because he was talking to Dave Sam's doing over the press box and I would be fine with that I understand it's more if most people aren't even if you want to just might come up and let me just here maybe he's talking on cell right we don't watch out for the low fast mobile dura mater the member the scene in boulder I'm right where you crash Davis is talking to himself and ball players do that I mean he's talking in his mind the things that he's saying in his mind come on me come on me give me that yeah or maybe he says something to the catcher or the catcher says something to him give me that window take advantage of all that time especially between pitches in baseball suddenly we wouldn't be so worried about a pitch clock ever getting all this cool interesting audio in between pitches well the other to scene from ball Durham that I if you think of is when robber will the pitching coach comes out to the mound to talk to them and what they talk about whiting press one wait while cable six always make a good gift you know so I mean that's that's that white be what you'd get if you might of some of these players order after the game we we'd be going here where we may be like I wanna hear it man give me something that's different no other sport can offer that well we talked about this earlier that means NFL films has always done this miked up stuff you don't hear it during the game you hear it afterwards of course it's edited they don't give you everything but you know they give you some good stuff and it's it's great when they do it but you don't you don't hear during the course of a broadcast that is not alive is that the next logical step I mean can you really think the NFL owners would agree to that you know how conservative they are now well I mean yeah I did what's I think baseball would be football you're more likely to get just a bunch of squares or somebody snap bones back into place you don't really have to worry about that as much as baseball and then we talked about basketball where they do air the huddle sometimes and it's completely edited or you never hear real strategy you never hear like a disparaging comment made about like either your own flat which I'm sure happens that's when the about hard knocks you know I don't like you we've talked about for my criticize it sometimes but I I think it's pretty it's pretty real old reality and one of the things you hear our coaches swearing like crazy rex Ryan bill o'brien I mean you don't think that happens all the time in the all sports for you never hear that like NFL films would never released you may have played expletives because it's all edited bring it back they do do it on the hard knocks which I like because that's how people actually talk I mean you I I'm except for Tony Dungy I don't know anybody that doesn't swear you know especially people in high stress jobs usually you get a few expletives that's okay I think my ears can take Hey next there's also gave Dodger Stadium yes first time since nineteen eighty hopefully there will be an earthquake not I can't and I try to make a joke but I'm just saying you know just had that did you see the video of the they were playing through the earthquake Ike yeah the earth is shaking and everything up okay ball to let's go skull to that is going on with the two one June looks like we had a little or nothing can rattle Vincent all right all you could be a media so the Dodgers during earthquakes are three into the giant media guide the last extinction event took but I mean nothing could rattle vin Scully absolutely not a stop playing in the Las Vegas summer league but they kept on the Dodgers and the Padres so baseball is back I guess is maybe is a one game on Thursday but most mostly everyone Jack Fridays the big everyone's back on Friday and I think it's got the makings of a good second half of the season when you look at the standings because they're the Dodgers are often run in they're going to be back in October try when a third straight pen and try when we finished the deal there at their trip I mean his last night what did there's Dodgers on them out everywhere you turn reuse starts Kershaw comes in with a second in the Walker Buehler comes in a couple days later chose you have deep Dave Roberts using his own guys early in that game last night but the Dodgers have everything you would need to win a World Series but and I think fox would love but they were pretty lucky to have Dodgers red Sox but how bout Dodgers Yankees I mean that's that's the dream match up if your fox and if you're Major League Baseball for a World Series we've had it over the years in the fifties in the seventies a couple times that's the dream match up there open for the Yankees yes because I you know they have stars that appealing to have such a huge fan base but I don't know Yankees dot is a U. skipping over the whole middle of the country do they care about that at all cares about the middle of the country there's people living there I think the people living in the middle of the country I wasn't aware that her people if I mean people know I don't even care about sports they don't even show up come on our jump in our technical director is a Dodger fans of all yeah I'd die and I show up early and leave late he should offer early in we've laid out that's the opposite well you can only do you get the Dodger games art are you one of the few that actually can watch the games live I am I switched over to spectrum from direct TV yeah a lot of people don't even get their games yeah that's a team we won the World Series but it's look I seven years seven years it's amazing it's amazing that thing is still dragon on there's gonna be peta races maybe more so for the wild cards then for the divisions although we'll see some of these divisions like I noticed Cleveland get a little closer in the AL central the brewers and cubs Imad be great man I mean those are the two cities and our part and that they're they're blocked real tight in the NL central I think the NL east is at play Washington's plane better now the Phillies that could be an end up in a three team race the race is.

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