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Which makes it more challenging some ways to build. There's not a lot of people to answer the questions. Right. And Aaron is not a lot of sample code there. Also makes it I'd say more fun in some ways. Right. It's a wild wild weapons. Yeah. Sounds like what you're saying. Is that you really do need to take the time to learn it. And so there is a learning curve associated. Whereas, but once you understand it. There's a lot of things that make it go really fast. So if you make the investment, there's an accelerated on the back end, I think that's fair. I think that's fair. I think it's I think the investment I wouldn't underestimate if you're coming from. Let's say Alexa, background that the amount of kind of relearning and rethinking you to do because it's quite a different platform and the way it handles and thinks of the one thing that you're like, oh, that's totally different. I've got the really reorient. It's gotta be the it's all the configuration files and understanding. It's a metal language that really is there, and it's like, wow, this is like a simplified programming language to to learn. Well, it's funny because was dock said it in the this afternoon session. Maybe I don't think you were there. But he said or maybe it was Adam they said, oh, you know, objective c. Right. They were talking about the app store needed objective c in order for to do a lot of things you want to do with apps, and they weren't really saying that they had built something, but they're sort of intimating. There was kind of like that for for voice voice assistance. I think there's been a lot. I think this kind of meta language they've written to configure. It is got some thinking around how to think about not only voice. But hey, I is there. It's definitely you can see that. There is a a methodology in a way of thinking behind it. I don't know if I can put my exact finger in what describe it that. Well, but there's definitely a philosophical belief that this is how you should do things that pervades that product. So when will the voice spot podcast listeners people to try what been so my understanding is in early twenty nineteen that's the best date. I would be one of the first hundred whatever. So right now, they're trying to sign up. To build their capsules rights. We have Aisher wrote a couple of them and trying to get you know, when they released their their capsule store, whatever their place market. Okay. Thank you. I'll be an early early developing early. It's just pretty exciting. Right. You know, one of the challenges in the Google and Amazon ecosystem is pretty. Yeah. And you know, I mean early mover advantage, right? And get get some traction air. We'll say that's another attractive thing about the platform. Is is hey, you know, we all discover Bility's easy when you're among fifty or one hundred when you're among forty thousand is a lot harder charred. And so how can listeners check out. What you've done on. Alexa. Follow follow you on social. Yes. The best way would be on Twitter. So at Roger Kibi R G E R K I B B perfect. Thank you so much. Roger, I appreciate your perspective. Thanks a lot. Brett, my pleasure. Okay. Back at the Samsung developer conference, and I got the opportunity to sit down with another developer Pete Haas who has worked with Bixby Bixby Dotto. That is so well, why don't you just tell the listeners your name? What you do what your background is. So my name is Pete Haas. And I've been developing for voice since two thousand five which is nice thirteen years worked in an IB, our company, of course, it was the only option for voice really just follow that journey and probably wants to re came out. It was a really big deal to have that experience. Right. Did that blow your mind? It really did. Because I. It was just something. We never experienced before this open ended thing where it was just kind of democratized to an iphone, right? You are doing all these rules basis. Domes Harz Harz terrible. terrible build something that would do that will cost you a million dollars. If you build something quivalent to what the airline systems were doing at the time, right? So fast forward..

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