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To curb gun violence the laws banned the sale of bomb stocks Israelis imitation guns to minors while also addressing properties with a history of violence and expanding the definition of domestic violence the city moved to pass the laws in the wake of the twenty seventeen shooting at the Mandalay bay casino the Columbus city school district and their teachers have reached a new tentative contract today after hours of intense negotiations the Columbus education association says the current deal was set to expire later this month teachers had been pushing for smaller cap class sizes safer working conditions more nurses and counselors details of the new Dehli though yet have yet to be released team mate teen mosaic Sanders was sentenced today for her part in the death of six and a sixteen year old boy she agreed to a plea deal in may they will keep her case out of adult court and has committed to three years in the department of youth services court records say she had a gun on her person during the robbery of an undercover police officer that left Julius Tate junior debt as another police officer shot Tate after they said he pointed a gun at the undercover officer the Air Force he's dealing with a suicide epidemic by giving units a day off for the first time ever the Air Force has allowed all units to take a day off from training for what they call a tactical pies the chief of staff phoned pointed posted a video message saying the service loses more Amyntas suicide than any other single enemy even more than combat so far this year the Air Force reports is seventy eight suicides within their ranks twenty eight more than this time last year your A..

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