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A baltimore. Rafael Devers, Homer two times. Drove in six JD Martinez left the yard to socks surrendered seven runs over the final three innings of the nightcap though, and they lost ten to three to the last place. Orioles SOX have today off a start a season ending three-game set for the ankles at Fenway on Friday. Boston's secured the best record in the American League heading into this final series while New York has clinched a spot in the wildcard, but Yenkey lead the as by just a game and a half. Now for home field advantage in the wildcard game with four to play for them three to play for the ace. The ace top Seattle nine to three last night. So the as have tonight off they'll be at the angels their last three games. So it's crunch time. Yankees waged a ninth inning comeback. But they fell run short eight seven loss at Tampa Bay Mashaghara Tanaka took the loss Yankees as I said and the rays will play once again today and that'll settle that whole half game situation. Patriots replacing running back Rex burkhart and linebacker. John Bentley on injured reserve, so more. Problems for the pats as they host the undefeated Miami Dolphins this coming weekend and the Boston Bruins remained without a regulation loss in the preseason. After a three two overtime set back to the visiting Red Wings Philippe's Edina netted the game winner for Detroit with just twenty four seconds left in overtime Bruins finish exhibition play at home against the flyers on Saturday and Celtics president of basketball operations. Danny Ainge says he feels pretty good about his team's current roster age does note that one lingering concern is that star guard. Kyrie Irving can become a free agent after the season. But let's worry about this season. And get it done Celtics. Look at NewsRadio nine twenty and one zero four seven FM sports five fifty six now. Maryland woman, one one hundred thousand bucks a lottery jackpot, just months after her brother won the verse same amount from scratch off ticket who are these lucky families on a rub shoulders with a twenty six year old woman was inspired to buy a ticket. When thoughts of her brothers big win popped into her noggin while she was riding a grocery list down. So she scratched down. Get a lottery ticket to after some deliberation. An online research he picked the diamond ten scratch off game. She had to do online research to determine which lottery game. She was gonna play. Okay. Then she rushed back to her long branch, beer and wine in Silver, Spring, Maryland where cashier confirmed that her ticket to was a big winner. So that family scores. Big two hundred thousand dollars Pennsylvania man is raising money to pay for a funeral believe it or not and that funeral happens to be zone. Here's FOX's rich Denison Willie. Davis is getting some help from friends and strangers after it was discovered he was holding yard sales to cover his own funeral expenses, the Sixty-six-year-old Brownstown, Pennsylvania man was diagnosed with stage four skin cancer, two men say they were heartbroken after realizing the navy veteran was selling his belongings to pay for his own funeral and wanted to help they set up a gofundme page with a seven thousand dollar goal saying they hoped his final days could be a little more peaceful. Rich. Denison. Fox News fifty seven these days. You know, a lot of us. Get sticker shock when we take a peek at our Bill, so many things seem to cost more than they probably should. And a lot of us are just getting tired of it too new poll asking consumers to share the items that is considered to be the most overpriced and up at the top of the list is concert tickets while going to see your favorite band or artist might be fun. Sixty nine percent of people say that those tickets cost way too much dope. Not far behind on. The overpriced list is college tuition and health care which sixty percent of Americans find to be too expensive while Christina you'd need healthcare. So there's no option there you don't need concert tickets now. But you've also the need college tuition. Who knows? I mean, I know a lot of people without a college education. We're making some serious scratch, correct. And doing real well. But I feel like that. Let's just personally attacked me concert tickets you. Yeah. Number for number two is health insurance. But you know, I'm a scratching that out because that's really not an off. Now, got it. Absolutely. So he could go top ten over priced items. Let's get some reaction to the sheer from you car insurance number ten. That's now that is overpriced any insurance chair is overpriced number nine big vice cigarettes. Us fifty three percent now. I don't smoke. Now me there. You don't smoke. I've never smoked my mother and father they smoked but both of them quit cold Turkey, believe it or not. I don't even know how much a pack of cigarettes costs. I think we're the second or third highest taxed state I think for cigarettes. I don't smoke like I said, so I, but I know they're at least upwards of ten pack easily easily. And it's twenty six twenty smokes pack. I think again, I don't smoke number.

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