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Keychain and run very clean and three sixty heading both directions to get some heavy delays between B. cave and low pack five Patrick band a with Austin's on time traffic mostly cloudy skies throughout the day and night just a passing shower or two for the morning it will be a breezy day wind gusts to around twenty five miles per hour with a high seventy three the will of mile bike with a low of sixty four from the weather center hi Kevin slider this segment brought to you by a plus AC and home solutions when my heater started and wasn't warm I called a plunger furnace check up now call eight plus air conditioning heating checkups fast repairs or replacements Lennix rebates and financing five one two four five zero nineteen eighty a plus a C. dot com license be fifty two thirty five see less of them or anything you want TA see I'll be seventy six six fifty six your heating and AC system hold when was the last time you had it serviced if you're running your he right now haven't had it serviced don't worry we're about to hook you up we need to test your high temperature limit switch to make sure your system doesn't overheat and start a fire we're also going to test your forty rollout switch and your exhaust sensor then check your flu for birds test or other obstructions you definitely want to have these things done and if your system is ten years older older we're going to give you a carbon monoxide detector for free every home should have one yeah and if it's an old system we insist you let us install one for you no charge this is a safety thing your complete system safety check firm radiant just thirty nine Bucks our system is ten years old or older you get a new carbon monoxide detector installed our gift to you and your family call for your thirty nine dollar complete systems a teacher free carbon monoxide detector from radio online called radiant dot com eight forty H. Jeffries and done prior tada got to make a quick correction yeah one of our good sponsors I've got two scripts over here I just gave the wrong phone number from van Ross is what happened it's not fair to them because I don't amazing company five one two two one nine oh three nine nine I had two different scripts over here I looked at the wrong phone number yeah I'm very sorry there you go and I wanted to correct that and I believe I just did five one two two one nine oh three nine nine some good people what do they do remodels remodels the best at it there you go so my apologies five one two eight three six zero five daughters are you could join us here in the conversation check this out ghost kitchens are are growing in the food delivery wars the next time delivery burger did you order might.

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