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Those celebrities behaving badly. Presenting Lord and lady deuce bag of the day. I have to lady Di bags lady bird got Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn as mighty what did they do? I know I know because I generally kind of find them to be delightful and their mother daughter relationship is very close very close. And that's why they're my bag because they co hosted the Ellen Degeneres show on today's show and during that co hosting gig. They let us know exactly how close they were. And I'm not here for it. They were talking about the birth of Kate Hudson's most recent baby. Okay. And the fact that Goldie Hawn was in the delivery room. Now, I don't have any truck with that. My mom was in the delivery room when I gave birth all of the births. My mother-in-law was even in the room. I feel like I wouldn't want anybody in there. But whatever but each their own, right? Like everybody does it a little different than that's cool through you. This is where I when it gets all specific about some stuff. That's when I go. I don't know that I need to be in the room for this story. And the story is that basically they disclosed on the Ellen Degeneres show when they were co hosting Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson. The Goldie got a little too close to the action if you will. So much. So that the doctor had to explain to Goldie Hawn, quote, if you get any closer, you're gonna fall in how close was she? I mean, that's pretty close. So I just you know, that's I that's too much. I don't you want to hear about the time. I had to put I had to digitally, no. Now, we're done we're done we're done. No. But seriously, it's not a real story. I'm just telling you that I had a friend who was was trying to be a nurse. And when I because I thought maybe at some point in my life. I don't want to be a nurse. Here's why you have to digitally remove doodoo from people,.

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