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So you start off with one of the all time great gene songs and you go right into one of the all time great paul songs which we talk about this a lot. Maybe arguably the lyrical height for paul stanley and take it off. I mean first of all the lyrics. Yes we'll talk about that musically. The song is fucking phenomenal. The chorus is amazing. The versus the way the song just flows but i got one small thing with the saw. One tiny little thing that runs through this album in. It's the bob as re breakdown that he always finds the need to throw that into the song this one. It's okay it's okay it it brings you back into the song. I get it as reluctance to do that. I could probably do without it. But i get it fits in the song. It's okay but take it off is just fucking phenomenal. The ultimate anthem for the stripper. Fantastic taken off. Written by paul stanley bob. Estrin kane roberts. It's an alice cooper. Guide there for some reason. We're back to fucking kevin valentine on the drums. They'll read why well. Apparently eric was still on. Tour was going on tour back with alice. Cooper finish the track yet. So they're like all right. Just have kevin do with or something like that. Yeah yeah yeah eric's like it was getting late but what the fuck is that. He was getting late. Fucking tell alice cooper and his shitty band the weight the fucking drummer and kiss and i'm going to show what time it is. I've talked about this on a hundred times. The best paul sleazy lyrics by far talking. Make sandstone awesome. It works the lyrics. Are fucking clever. Cleverly sleazy cheesy just the right mount of syrup. This is the trifecta this the other song on this album. And let's put the accent sex in that fine line between these songs and bang bang you and fucking read my body. Okay start bang bang. Bang bang you. This works this song. Has the quintessential gene. And you know what i'm talking about. Oh yeah. I love that those days. He must do this a million times in sound but that base. It's it's awesome. It's good and i thought. I thought you were going to say in the middle of the so. He just goes. Oh yeah. that's what later on. In the middle of every time i look at so that baseline i love the groovy eric drumming in doing time. I kind of laugh as he needs some perspiration pugh. Who needs some perspiration. Settle down star child. Yeah we've you panties in yeah liq- lips bake your hair. We you know what this reminds. In minds of the episode. We talked about think it was the barbecue backyard. Oh yeah it was. We talked about as song talking about like what you bring your neighbor over mrs johnson. The third grade teacher that lives next door. And you're like playing this on ya. Yeah mrs johnson. Then all of a sudden mrs jones. I starts waving or even any licking her lips and shake a half someone who when you a little oil kid. Hey it's eleven thirty. My mind getting dirty john shape that fat ass ou. There's plenty of that more. Oh most definitely. I liked to repeat throughout the whole chorus the whole song. It's just it. There's little fucking brilliant in here that i say. Oh yeah little things like. I've got nothing to lose but my money in my mind like guys literally you know the type. We've all been two bachelor parties auburn district clubs before i live. I have yet to do one. I'm sorry i'm one of those guys. I remember view are tom. I will refuse to go to a strip called by myself. I refuse to die guy by himself. His dollar fifty. The only time i've been to a strip. Join us for a bachelor party. Roads or whatever. Yeah i mean. But i refuse to be that guy. Is that fucking lonely. Fucking show tasks fucking listener that we have a few of them. That can't do without porn that fucking. What are you a woman on the lips like fall in love with these fucking strippers and got nothing to lose but their money in their mind because they're fucking addicted to their shit. I love it. I love the bruce fills before the solo. The great i on the other hand on this song i love. The ezra breakout. Yeah this one and that is because it's like analyzing the you're in the fucking degenerate. The sexual degenerates brain. Yeah yeah bring your body closer. I wanna be you wanna be my fantasy for me in the line that i always say i used to always think her pani say your pants say just for me. I like it. It's just and then they all said take it off independent. I was just playing a bill. I fucking love that i think. That's fucking brilliant. And then paul back taking off. And then bruce fucking ripping on the guitar at the end Pulse says that the song he wanted to write a song for strip clubs It is great song for strip. I think every strip club should be fucking this off course. I don't know whether that means you know motley crue. Just did girls girls girls. We could do like that pretty much a little bit too long ago. Yes but i don't know eric. I talked about earlier. Eric left because he was leaving for the alice tour. So that's why kevin valentine jumped in. I love the kiss confidential. This i love on alive three. Yes on the european version. You don't even get me going about how we get screwed out of this in the us course avenue like that. It not me sir. I'm here for the music. Only thank you. How many of you like looking at bubis me. I like them Do projection out of the what it is. But like you're saying this way too much for guy gets laid as much as you do. You don't sound like somebody that doesn't act like you've been there before sun pretty much and the key i talked about the kiss alive three different version and then remember the video and awesome. The three girls come out In white she looked yes. She looks like.

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