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Or debt, and dramatically cut your interest rate to as low as five point eight, nine, percents, APR with auto-pay, plus radio listeners get an additional rate discount. Just go to light stream dot com. Slash simple with average interest rates on credit card debt at seventeen percents. APR. Light stream could save you thousands in interest, and because light stream is a division of SunTrust Bank. One of the nation's largest and strongest financial institutions. You can have complete peace of mind. The application takes just minutes and there are no fees and no pressure just lower rates. One low fixed monthly payment and huge savings. So if you have good credit applied today and get a special interest rate discount when you go to light stream dot com slash simple, that's light screen dot com. Slash simple light stream dot com. Slash simple such credit approval rating. Zero point, five percent auto pay discount terms and conditions, apply it offers or subject to change without notice visit livestream dot com for more information. Hi, this is Sean. Casey. Join me each and every Sunday morning at eight AM for the all new rescue health line show where we'll talk about natural solutions to a wide range of health related issues. Dr Jeffrey Shapiro will answer. Your questions how the all natural. Supplement could benefit you listen every. Sunday morning, at eight and begin your journey to a, natural and healthy lifestyle brought to you by rescue supplements for your heart and help the. All, new rescue helpline. Show. On talk radio six eighty WCBS Brazilian here many you guys know they're getting your teeth fixed it's something you've needed have done for a long time but you put it off Are, you can fit into this, category until I made my first appointment. With Dr Ed laser, at cosmetic and advanced dentistry and boy am I glad I did. Meet you no longer need to worry, about painful procedures or not having insurance or. Even how much this is going to search your back financially because Dr laser takes the hassle, out of, cosmetic dentistry is quick high quality services won't cost. You a fortune documents even as an in office membership, plan, covers, routine cleanings x rays and emergency exams is, clean modern offices are welcoming and a staff just. Treat you like. A member of the family they. Are great whether you need dentures veneers implants. Or any other procedure do it my wife and I have both done by calling Dr laser cosmetic dentistry today that's four ten three five six seventy seven ninety nine make this the year you finally, get a perfect smile call. Now for ten three five six seventy seven ninety. Nine WCBS Baltimore fitness and tennis rated USDA national facility, of the year here's a.

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