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A tipping point for some of the nation's hospitals. The mayor of Austin, Texas, says If the trajectory of covert 19 cases isn't changed in two weeks, they'll be overrun in Arizona. Only about 150 I C u bed remain in the entire state. This is 39 states report an increase in coded 19 cases. ABC is Andrew Dilbert is in Washington with White House reaction. President Trump continues to dismiss the new numbers, suggesting the spikes are a result of more testing. Almost 40 million people. By so doing, we showcases. 99% of which are totally harmless. FDA Commissioner Dr Stephen Han disagrees. What I'd say is, you know any case we don't want to have in this country any death. Any case is tragic. A vaccine is still a ways away, with health officials hoping one could be produced by the end of this year or early next year. The last time this happened was during the 1918 influence of pandemic the border between the two most popular states in Australia, New South Wales and Victoria closing because of Arising Face it. We have. All of us agreed now that the best thing to do is to close the border. It'll be enforced that closure will be enforced on the new South wild side, so I was not to be a drain on resources. That are very much focused on finding the virus right now across outside Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews that closure because of 127 new infections. There were 11,000 new infections on Sunday, just in the state of Florida alone. It was a deadly Fourth of July weekend in the city of Chicago. Only 72 people shop 13 of them fatally, including a seven year old girl, Natalie Wallace, killed while playing outside her grandmother's home. This is your father, Nathan to see my daughter on the table. With a gunshot wound to the forehead. I mean, that's gonna change somebody life. There was 1/3 consecutive weekend A child was shot and killed in the city of Chicago. You're listening to ABC news. Dallas. This is show quarter switch to Sprint and get our best unlimited deal ever four lines.

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