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Doing old. Groucho with. Cabinet hanging on every word like. To a joke and the. How you describe my favorite respectful. Was He skinny but he somehow still has. Yes. Yes. Oh. God. Oh, you mentioned freaks that was the only that was the one time where there was a guy behind me with a kid it was at the old silent movie theater before it came came to the family. It was one time when I was like and I wasn't being mean about I'm like your was like eight Mike you should take your kid home and watch this and he's like, oh, it's an old movie. And like this is not what you think it is and it's really gonNA. Mess him up I'm just telling you and I think they stayed for about fifteen minutes in the kid was like I wanna to go the whole movie of Greeks even one it's not a scary scene. It's still care starving that that long shot of of the woman out in the woods with them and they're just kinda frolicking around. Yeah. So disturbing. Disturbing Oh, God what were the movies you pick before we lose track of it really quickly three, ten huma. Journal End Ford and. Van Heflin, which basically the whole movie is about an older gay dude who is his sick of his young rough trade and he wants to settle down with another. Old Bear and GonNa try Seduce Van Heflin. If you watch it, it's it's he's lying in the bridal suite up in the bed just GonNa, WanNa join me making his his Glenn Ford's attended. Is this guy skinny blond guy all in black leather and it looks like this little like rent boy it was it's the weirdest and it's an elmore Leonard script. That's right. Yeah. They remained it not as not to actually they remained it really well, but it was more like you know J- just rugged manly violent but the original for the fifties and it had the Great Song Sung by The guy that saying blazing saddles as your Frankie Laine Frankie Laine, yeah So I showed that. I showed the Oh God why am I blanking kind hearts and coronets? That's wonderful which is Alec Guinness playing seven different assholes being killed up by an even bigger asshole and then I showed these with the Colombian film called the wind journeys worst title for a great movies made in the early arts a guy who's convinced he has the devils accordion and must travel to the edge of the world and throw it off and they just any just it's the low budget shot and Columbia as he travels through the landscape and it's so beautiful and he's got this accordion leaves the devils accordion and it makes them do weird stuff. It's brilliant and then this Belgian comedy called ultra. About these two Douche bags one of them is a stone or that drives a tractor combine. The other one is a professor at some shitty college and they hate each other they get into this huge fight out in this field and the combine like malfunction crushes both of them and makes them both quadriplegics and they travel across Belgium in his little motorized wheelchairs to go to the company ultra that built the open to sue them and you follow these two and they become even their paralyzed and even bigger assholes now and it. So it's like this classic Laurel and hardy comedy, but there's little. and. You see these long touch them just buzzing along these it's Not Doing adjusted but it's so funny where do you find these offbeat pictures these these I mean there's this there's this subscription service called film movement where every month okay. They go to film festivals and they find really cool films that get all this attention you've seen this you go to film festival film it gets all these awards doesn't get any distribution so. They every month they send you a new film and they send you really interesting stuff. They sent me all altron. I'm running these down wind journey sounds like they should have called the devil's accordion. It sounds like a Herzog thing. Yeah. It's amazing free out there and then all tra-, A. L. T. R. A. let me ask you real quick a couple of questions. From listeners. Guy. Diagne ask you questions I'll go quick Chris Hankinson How is production on MSG three thousand going we are starting next week and that's all I can say okay. Don't WanNA. Talk about the movies that were doing on if was here but we're oh, was snatched the. Okay. But we we're doing some pretty interesting films as time around the the the last season we did season eleven as a film in called Carnival Magic. My brother was a writer on that show and he was like I'm going to commit suicide. If I have to watch this movie because he was reading the jokes, I came in one day and he was like I'm Gonna I'm GonNa Kill Myself I. This is the worst movie I've ever seen your brother Matt, my brother Guy and a great twitter feed. Funny Guy by the way count this is quick from Big Daddy Pat, and welcome to the ACP universe. Poor man You said Repo man was a game changing inspiration. can you talk a little bit about either Reprimand Barber Rosa or Richard Pryor live in concert We'll Richard Pryor live in concert just goes without saying it was what made me go? You can a comedian that's like watching a movie a really good one is just as good as seeing a movie because of the Little Caesar. Yeah. Now, when when you saw that filled. You aware that Marlon Brando talked to Richard Pryor in the ASS. I saw that. Was Eleven and as little as I knew I could sense. It was like you know what? is going to sound really weird coming out of an eleven year old. Guy Was fucked by Marlon Brando and as a fuck Marlon Brando vied coming off of hip eleven or a little. Is that Marlin. Richard. Pryor. Is that Kurtz come on on prior he's got. Him. Repairman was just that thing of a hit me right at the right time a teenager in the suburbs on board I discovered punk way too late and just that movie about having a job where you get to be an asshole to other people that was that was where my head was. You just take stuff from people making anything about it and then some other aliens and it also was like it was it shot in the shittiest parts of La, but it makes them look so beautiful you just WanNa go live. I don't know that movie's just I I WanNa live in that movie as Grimy and horrible as it is and Harry Dean Stanton is nonstop. Stan Oh my God. He's so which we gotten him here but I heard him on Benson's podcast and he basically just he was on Doug loves movies at a live episode. You know about the no or you can track it down and he basically sat there and and gave monosylabic responses in. Yeah. For about an hour. So I could totally see we didn't pursue it. No. I. Isn't gonNA. Go anywhere. 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