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I ninety from inequality north bend is underway komo's suzanne phan reports that can mean some big delays the timing couldn't be worse for these repairs along i ninety with so many more people heading east over the past towards eastern washington but most people we talked to agree the repairs are necessary and needed the cascade general store north bend does big business this time of year rattlesnake is just three miles up the road and we've got a golf course it's bracing itself because of the big repairs on a particular stretch of i ninety between issaquah north bend this concrete's about forty years old and we have more than seventy thousand vehicles using it every day during the day you can expect one to two lanes closed in the eastbound direction from insecurity north bend overnight in the four lane section we could see up to three lanes closed most of this work will be taking place overnight dollar fifty big repairs me hurt says lisa stevens complete harding because there's no real access to get over snoqualmie pass except for i ninety so there's going to be backups and a lot of frustrated people that's komo's suzanne phan reporting major renovations bring more changes to seattle's colman dock starting today all walk on passengers will bore the bainbridge island and bremerton ferries from a new waiting area on the south side of the terminal the ticket window also moves to the northeast corner of the building komo news time is four thirty seven protesters and teepees block a section of second avenue in downtown seattle monday many of them were native americans who are upset with chase.

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