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NewsRadio seven eighty five point out FM while the fog continues and some showers too. But it's all moving out to the over the lake and over into Michigan a high of forty four but watch the fog thirty eight degrees right now, it's forty at midway forty. I'm lake running up in Wilmot going up to a high of forty four WBZ news time, eight twenty. Our top story this hour. Attorney Michael Cohen is dishing on his former relationship with President Trump in Cohen's first interview since he was sentenced to three years in prison. Cohen says the president knew about hush money payments made during the two thousand sixteen campaign. He directed me. As I said in my and I said this plea he directed me to make the payments. He directed me to become involved in these matters have much more on this story coming up at eight thirty one this portion of our news sponsored by Mercedes Benz of Saint Charles. Well, we'll have to wait and see how a die hard Packers fan. We'll be decked out on Sunday at Soldier Field for a pre-game warm-up event. After a federal judge said no to his Green Bay gear. Russell Beckman we'll be at Soldier Field. Just not with his Packers regalia on as he'd hoped. When he attends a field event. That's essentially for bears fans collective effervescence of the game becomes from having fans at the game. Showing support for their team Sackman suing the bears to wear his Packers gear the lawsuit still going on he'd hoped. The judge would let him wear the Packers pertinence is this Sunday. But the judge is not I'll be there. And I'll be enjoying myself Beckmann says some people might raise an eyebrow. What he will be wearing. But he says I'll be conforming to the rules. Steve Miller NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM bears. Packers kickoff is at noon. Pre game at nine here on WBZ m the new sheriff King County star. Tis job with something. He says was left by the previous sheriff three hundred nine thousand dollar debt. Newly elected sheriff Ron Haines says former sheriff, Don Kramer, stopped working with the county's finance department back in August. The core. Your news reports Hain wasn't given a clear answer as to why the sheriff's office stopped reporting finances or why no one was aware that they were running a deficit at a recent Kane county judicial and public safety committee meeting says his goal is to get the budget back on track. Mariam's job NewsRadio on one zero five point nine. Nine FM. Former bears quarterback Jim McMahon. Didn't hold back yesterday. As he talked about his fight with mental issues brought on by an addiction to powerful painkillers McMahon's Volta to Mark the planned opening of the silver oaks behavioral hospital in new lenox admitting. He didn't remember half his NFL career because he was so loaded up on pills. Mcmahon was diagnosed seven years ago with early onset dementia and says he's also suffered from depression and severe headaches along with vision and speech issues at times McMahon sent his mental state led him to contemplate suicide McMahon said he's a proponent of medical marijuana. Many hasn't taken a pain pill and several years. Bob Conway, NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM be displayed on the Jane Addams tollway. As to close for good today. The gas stations convenience stores and parking lot will shut down to make way for new interchange. Between the Jane Addams also known as I ninety and the planned I four ninety tollway. Nets. Part of the John O'Hare west access project. The basis was among the first five build in nineteen fifty nine when the tollway system was first built, and we're going to check on what's ahead for Wall Street just before the open next WBZ news time, eight twenty four..

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