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State's board of public works in the first item he took up was a request from prince George's county executive Angela also Brooks to start issuing $400 million in bonds that will fund construction of a series of projects, including a makeover of the land here at FedEx field. We want to provide greater access to amenities that prince Georgians have awaited for decades. Also, Brooks didn't have to speak long in the work will begin with or without a football team playing in the stadium here, the governor calling it a great win for our state and bar regions. At FedEx field, John dome in WTO, he news. Still ahead here on WTO. The backstory of one of the weirdest thefts ever. It's a life sized gorilla. I'm Nick Allen Ellie. 7 O 7. Today's innovation in government report highlights the government's IT modernization opportunities. Bill Rowan, the vice president of public sector at Splunk, says even with all the progress over the last few years, agencies have a unique opportunity to change their approaches to security and services even more. As we start to see modern applications now come up online, where we can start to put some of these security parameters in the applications as microservices as they're built. How does that redefine the way we actually manage some of these environments? Can we build some of the automation, some of the observability of what's going on in the environment? Can we actually build those into services that are part of modern applications? That has the ability to help redefine the way we actually operationalize security across the board. Let's Splunk Kara soft and their reseller partners help you imagine what your agency is capable of. Listen to the full program at federal news network dot com, keyword, innovation in government. It's 7 O 8. Michael and sons heeding tune up for only $69. Traffic

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