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So Danny Barsa closing the gap on Really Madrid. Tell me more. It's an interesting race dug in La Liga till the end of the regular season. Barcelona now closing within 1.2 Ramage atop the table. A one nil win over a spaniel Cam No was a Catalan derby Luis Suarez scoring the 56 minute let's go now to Italy. Atalanta beating Sampdoria two mil to move two points beyond Lhotse over second place in Syria They are a scary team in the Premier League. Manchester City pulls nine points ahead of Chelsea for second place in the league table of dominating 5 to 1 win over Newcastle Jihad to one goal to assist from David Silva. League champions Liverpool win on the road 3 to 1 over Brighton and Hove Albion Mohamed Salah with a brace. The pressure mounting for the Washington Redskins have changed their team name now Amazon announcing pull all team merchandise from its sight already Nike, WalMart and Dick's sporting goods amongst other companies. I have removed all Redskins apparel. Meanwhile, 40 Niners leading rusher Rahim Monster is requesting a trade, according to his agent right now, after months of quote, unproductive talks. This is At this point, the best situation he claims for his client's Corona virus pandemic has taken another big toll on college athletics. The Ivy League becoming the first conference announced that all fall sports will be canceled with no sports being plates at least January 1st. There's talk of moving the college football season to the spring that is currently being thought of as a last resort. Stanford by the way, cutting 11 36 varsity sports due to loss of revenue. Calm down. Schwartzman thatyou. Bloomberg World Sports Update, Paul All right. Thanks very much for that, Dan Well, schools have emerged as a hot potato in terms of re openings when it comes to the Corona virus pandemic in the United States. In a moment we're gonna hear from Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont on his plans for school, reopening stables for that conversation. This is going back. Have you at the UPS store..

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