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You know. we'd just be with god. At which i i just from the story in genesis when god placed adam and eve in the garden and said you know work this. I don't think that is. I think we would still be working with him. You know and working together. They're just went. I don't know that there would be as much toil because toil wins the curse. After the fall. I agree work as a form of worship so i don't believe sitting back at all. We were all created with a specific purpose with specific. Gifting works created to glorify him. So i don't believe will be sitting back doing anything. We all have work but like you said the toil wouldn't be there. That's i agree with your you because work in our society we've made works this negative thing we were like. Oh i can't wait until the weekend mike. That's horrible way to live anywhere. That's not how it's supposed to be great and impacts our emotions we believe in we live from a mindset of that that way but this is like we're living occurs it really does and it also affects it just it affects everything because anything that messes with your mindset is going to affect every aspect of your life but were only became difficult and hard and You know taught me became more a toil. When after they were adam for santa out of the garden that is not how it was intended to be yes and they even had work though they still worked in the garden. Your colleague work but it was work So what are some ways. That women can choose faith over fear during that inbetween waiting time. So you're the obvious answer is in the question. It's a choice and so we have to actually choose to believe to have fe. I'm not entirely sure. Why but for some reason. We as christians have separated choice. From our faith when fusions to eight clearly says that it is by grace faith that we have been saved. Grace isn't the choice. It's the gift that was given but faith is faith is our choice in our choice to make and so an every every one of those me times in every moment we have the choice to either choose faye virtue sphere but i think that one of the other driving forces of that is that we have to know we have to know the world and we have to know god more and we can't be naive to the world in our reality and the fact that you know. Life is life in the school of goods and full of bad. But we can't forget that god is greater than a greater is he. That is that he lives in the world in so we can't be oblivious to either side we have to know and believe and so the one thing that i've really in what i'm finding is that the root foundation baligh as one of the key aspects that covered up and i'm just like again in my own story i discovered so many different limiting believes that were impacting the way that i viewed the world around me and the way that god and myself end it really impacted my emotions. An the tweets says that i was making in those meantime and so when we can get a hold a belief and know that god is god and he has good gifts for you. You know then we can. We can believe that but the struggle is when it comes to belief in especially belief for christians about god and then not event like. Let's take it a step further christian women because we have the still the separation in the.

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