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From dr mccarey zero kids and no one's got if you turn on the sub we watch the cbs news jerry. Every night in the south six zero donna. Just to see what people are saying. Just see the misinformation. That's being spread. All they talk about now is kids in the hospital or covert they find these random anomalies everywhere who knows the story behind the story. I'm sure there's always more to other kids. And that's but that's what. Millions of people are watching jerry. Let's listen to this. What's so girl's name is lila. Hartley lila hartley. This poor child. I mean. I'm giving her a pass because she's twelve this poor child that wants to scare the crap out of a ten year old brother and she wants. Who does he read the letter to was like the school board. Yeah and she. She's demanding force. All children to wear masks because disentis to santa has declared that there will be no masks in schools. Because he's a he's a real leader and they want to overturn that. Make sure every kid is wrapped in a cloth mask. Annuity good but That's that's what they want for their kids. I'm so worried that if masks are not required my brother could go to school one day and the next we dying in the hospital. I'm sure the video video. I'm not gonna be able to play that. But i'll play turn make sure i don't get sick. Their father matt hartley wants duval county public schools to mandate masks. I care about your kid. As much as i care about my kid and i don't want any kid to to risk being hospitalized or getting long coveted symptoms or just being a part of our community spread minuting masks however would define executive orders signed by governor. Rhonda santa's schools from forcing students to wear masks. So they're trying to get out of the school board is giving you an opt out. So they're making you run jump through hoops in order to not wear masks to fill out a form. I don't know exactly what they are. But we gotta show you how to share the videos because that went out the video. It doesn't do a justice of the parent sitting me how it's so easy to get to parents and it's a twelve year old girl and a ten year old boy playing board games all messed up and shows him walking around their house and they're all messed up and they do these interviews as you could tell muzzle mask and you just heard the twelve year old. Said i wanna make sure. Every kid wears a mask. Because i don't want my ten year old brother to die and nobody pulls her side says a honey. I know you care about your brother. He's not going to die from covert. Never i mean you could. He could get it right now. You could you could give it to him in a spoonful is some covert and he'll be fine. Your parents are lying to you. You teach online teeter if you allow your if if my daughter was upstairs and say oh dad. I'm scared of the boogeyman under my bed. And i was like i should be. He could be on this mask and he. I would be a terrible parent. That's the same thing you're like. There's nothing to worry about. But you're and they're worried about it and you're not doing your job as a parent to tell them. It's all good worry. He's not going to die from colon instead. You're encouraging psychosis. You have your kids taken from you forever your horrible. I think there's a monster in the closet. Dead yet probably. Is you know what think. He's got martha king. I think he's got a knife and he's probably going to cut your head off some but you know we'll we'll hope hope for the best. I mean that and you know the guy is lying. The you know the father i mean. He doesn't seem like a total moron. You know he knows the truth and he's lying to his own child to instill fear to scare his own kids. Esenboga truth i mean i i i go back and forth on this one like i. Don't i think a lot of them believe jerry haven't been exposed to the data. They don't follow. Alex berenson on twitter. They don't follow the people that we do. They're not seeing this stuff. They're following joy reid. Who's not telling them any of this stuff. There's some of that too. But i think this guy knows what he's doing he knows i'll guarantee you. They would see whatever do this. You looked into a guarantees. A political activist. He says he's a very vocal democrat and do well country county probably feels like he's outnumbered and he's fighting the dishonest machine and he says you know we gotta do. We got a scare the kids because to santa's getting a lot of credit for this executive order banning masks is getting a lot of credit from free people and there's trying to just advance this counter argument. The kids could die when it's not it's one thing if you said you know Old people fat people could die which is obviously true. But you're lying to kids not just like to them scaring the hell out of them. What disgusting disgraceful parents The what's your last name hartley. Hardly art lease your pathetic. Terrible parents should take your kids away. Should take a dog away your goldfish your horrible people but actually wanted to save lives jerry and they were 'cause they're willing to violate civil liberties right so they're actually serious about saving lives. The government should institute concentration camps for fat people. If they if they can't i i'm not saying they should. But if they gave a shit about the facts and the data in the science that's what they would do. They say you're going to this camp until you reach this bmi and then you can go because you're not safe out there you're at. This is much more risky for you but we are afraid to do that. Instead we tell perfectly healthy people who exercise all the time you need to be worried about when they or i mean. Look at these twelve and ten year olds. They're the best example. You can find someone who is not susceptible who who's not going to be affected by this virus and yet we're telling them they could die. It's madness. I think history will look back on and there'll be a few things that we remember in. Just a baffled and bewildered by the idea that a disease virus that particularly affects the obese. Fat people kills them the reaction to that was. Let's close all the gyms. Let's stop playing sports. let's make sure mcdonald's and wendy's and putt by stays open. That was the reaction from your local government from your state government closed. The gyms leave mcdonald's open and ban stop playing youth soccer. Close the parks. Hell fill the scape pox with sand so kids can't go skateboarding. where do they get. The virus is ninety percent of people. Get the buyers at home so we tell them you can't go to the gym. Stay home and get fat and get sick. That was the reaction and just go to walmart and pick up a couple of things and a side of covert and then come home and grandma. That's that was the plan all along. It's insane pick up bag of cheetos and some you who go home and look yourself away. That was the reaction and yet people a year and a half later. Still say daddy. Government middle governor mayor president. Tell me what to do. Dr vouch. -i tell me what to rochelle the walinsky and we'll get to her. Tell me what to do. It's very disheartening. When we think again the level of compliance is frightening but a credit jerry. Our governor for now. I mean people always complain about baker. We've complained about baker lot. Be happy right now..

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