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The bears are eight or nine. I think Green Bay's. You know between nine and eleven so I think it's a competitive division. But it has to be green based division to lose thanks Dave will listen to you Saturday morning zone. Appreciate a charter shadow great letter. He's Kinda right about the lions. If Israel about things, click I mean. You've got Matthew Stafford who can be handing off to Andrea Swift who is awesome rookie of the year candidate throwing to Kenny Golladay Marvin Jones It's an office of line that is very good with frank rag now and tailored decker first round equity there. It's if things come together. TJ Hopkinson the tight end. They drafted last year if he can come back and be meaningful at kind of you, know I want to be goods nine and that was one thing that they've. They were supposed to get right. Right, they did. Yeah, so. Maybe it'll help. We'll see. When we come back. An hour fantasy football. Hey, look. I, haven't really I haven't talked fantasy football seven months. It's time I'm very excited to get to fantasy football topics. My Co host Brian Johnson will join us as well. We'll coach from fantasy football weekly may take some phone calls for those people that are as attention. Turning his training camps are now just two weeks away got a bunch of things. Talk about in the world of fantasy football, including a possible resurgence to top five status. For Tom Brady. The second best quarterback on the fan. She's you. Know Zoom! Welcome back to Joe, while charity wishes at ps back in.

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