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I said we have into McCarthy is gonna be joining us later on Houston police chief art Acevedo and he has this ridiculous idea there was a it this was a a really it was a sad story that took place because there was a a sergeant who was killed in the line of duty was murdered in the line of duty sergeant Christopher Brister he was responding to a domestic violence call that included that was be they they antagonised and the situation was a prohibited possessor with a reported history of mental illness and art Acevedo on the back of this man this hero who's more heroic than he as a sergeant Christopher Brewster whose family is grieving and where we are praying for them but our cost of it decides to pivot to hard left and just go off on some crazy political tangent where he blames he's telling gun owners that well if you all if you believe in the second moment in your support owning firearms you can't be for women if you own if your support owning firearms you can't be for police if you support owning firearms were going to dissect his remarks the last time I did this he tried to use his position to bully me and threaten me with l'affaire even though I've extended an invitation very civilly to have a nice polite discussion on my national broadcast which also includes his area and we'll see that if you will see if he takes that that invitation but please don't use please do not you threaten to use your your position and law enforcement to go after private citizen because they politely disagree with you publicly because not only is that a gratuitous abuse of power but it's not really great considering the optics of everything that we're dealing with right now as it relates to Faiza an FBI we have that also coming up the rage mob goes after a veteran owned business will also discuss pick your outrage Star Wars daisy Ridley says that every scene issue is a person with trump and also that she has no privilege it when she was comparing herself to co star jumble yoga and that made all the social justice warriors mad and so here we are so we got a lot of stuff to get into and you don't want to miss a single bit of it as we get moving on also if you read if you wear ear buds and you actually like to hear things perhaps check out ray cons because re cons well they're I mean they're just they're qual lady they're amazing your buds and they're a fraction of the price as compared to everything else in fact ray cons you can get an additional fifteen percent off of them as well when you visit the website that I go to actually that I recommend to everybody by Raycom dot com slash Dana they just released their best model that you twenty five six hours of playtime seamless Bluetooth pairing more bass compact design you get a nice noise isolating fit and they come with gel tabs you can snap on to make it a more comfortable be more noise isolating and see I mean really highly customized there may be people who actually understand audio so check out ray con that this is a great Christmas present the best wireless earbuds on the market there half the price of the other snotty brands that some.

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